Android 11 on Nokia 4.2

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Hello Nokia 4.2 users,

Great news for you, the rollout for Android 11 starts now!

We are rolling out the update in a single wave for all markets, except those listed below.

The following markets and channels have not approved the release yet.

  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile (Entel Chile, Movistar Chile, Claro Chile, WOM)
  • Colombia (Claro Colombia, Movistar Colombia)
  • Czech Republic (O2 CZ)
  • Israel 
  • Kazakhstan
  • Mongolia
  • Poland (Plus, Orange PL, PLAY)
  • Romania (Orange RO)
  • Russia
  • USA (T-Mobile)
  • Uzbekistan 

10% of the rollout will go out immediately, 50% by April 10th, and 100% by April 12th.

You can check out our FAQ on Waves and approved Markets -here-



  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Floodgates are finally open it seems! 😳

    Great job! Nokia will get back its crown of the most number of devices updated if the deliveries continue with this pace.

  • Nokia 4.2

  • Chile 😞😞😞😞😞

  • santoscleto
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    So far so good (Portugal), looks a bit more responsive but that might just be because it is freshly upgraded. Finally the dark theme is ok (blue all over and not cyanish os most parts while blue on others). Navigation by gestures seems much better as well so I, finally, changed from 2 buttons to this one.

  • When it will for Nokia 7.2?

  • After Android 11 update, Google apps keep crashing, phone Keeps restarting like I'm MIA. **** off right now

  • Please release it for 5.3 as well and release it fast please!

  • Why don't we have any game booster from nokia ?? 😞

  • udangana
    udangana ✭✭✭

    The theming options under the developer options has disappeared. Now i can't change the accent colour, font and icon shape.

  • Same here in UK, all "gone", hopefully not deleted by the update. Waiting for any comments or guidance from HMD before factory resetting.

    If no easy fix, then major dropping of the ball by both Google and HMD.

    Seriously, time for HMD to drop the use of Android One? The number of OEMs using it has dropped to near enough zero for all practical purposes.

  • I think in Android 11 it's built into the normal settings. On my Pixel 4a you hold touch on the homescreen and then tap styles & wallpapers

  • udangana
    udangana ✭✭✭

    I only have the following when i touch and hold on the home screen

    1. Home settings

    2. Widgets

    3. Wallpaper

    And theming options can't be found in any of the above options.

  • Lots of problems like the ones mentioned already!

    • My photos are a disaster. All photos that used to be on the device have disappeared! Only the ones that have been backed up to Google Photos (in inferior quality) can be recovered. 🤬
    • Can not take photos as phone is unable to save files.
    • Ringtones are messed.
    • WhatsApp is dysfunctional as it's unable to receive any files such as photos!

    I really hope there is a fix because I am sad about lost files and the huge work of downloading photos manually from Google Photos.

    Big fail! And don't remembering seeing a message regarding backing up files before update.

  • Hey,

    diese Update hätte nie freigegeben werden dürfen!

    Einige Apps funktionieren nicht, bei andern ist der komplette Inhalt gelöscht, bei anderen kann man die Berechtigungen nicht mehr ändern.

    Screenshots kann ich auch keine mehr machen (der Ordner ist auch weg).

    Ich bin frustriert!

    Bitte stellt eine funktionierende Version online!

  • hi, anyone also have issue with camera and screenshot no longer working after Android 11 update on Nokia 4.2? any way to fix the issues?

  • I got the update, even though Greece isn't on the list..

    Everything works well! No issues with apps, or storage, or downloads. I use whatsapp daily, didn't notice any issue.

  • Is anyone seeing issues with NFC after the update? We use freestyle libre app to scan my daughter's sensor and it's not working as reliably since the android 11 update.

  • DIOH
    DIOH ✭✭

    I got one update (5 march 2021) last night, everything was ok but now my screen rotate option is not working.

    I turn it on/off, restarted the phone open Youtube and click on the rotate icon when goes full screen and nothing works. How can I fix this problem?

  • xaviercm
    xaviercm ✭✭
    edited April 2021


    Since the android 11 update (on my Nokia 4.2) the Bluetooth connection with my car systematically fails (for the "music player" profile / the "phone" profile is OK), same with one of my Bluetooth speakers ...

    I just did a factory reset but the problem is unchanged.

    With Android 10 (and the same Nokia 4.2) everything was working properly.

    Small precision: the Pixel 4a of my wife (with Android 11) works without problem in the same car (so it's seem not to be a problem with android 11 but the problem seem to come with the implementation provided by Nokia)

    Am I the only one with this type of problem ?


  • rmart
    rmart ✭✭

    Same problems as described in this forum after the update. Camera doesn't save photos, photos are lost from the phone, cannot take snapshots. WhatsApp doesn't download media, etc. Total annoyed

    Please Nokia fix the issue soon!

  • Hi, I am android developer and some of our user reporting crash from nokia 4.2 after updating to android 11. Any link or issue tracker i can post to put the details for the stack trace ? thanks