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Hey do you know how to fix this? I am so frustrated.

Android 11 on Nokia 4.2


  • tusharsingh43 tusharsingh43
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    Hey do you know how to fix this? I am so frustrated.

  • Nobluetooth Nobluetooth
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    It seems Android 11 has broken the Bluetooth on the 4.2. Nokia, can you get this fixed ASAP?

  • Nyule Nyule
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    I am having similar problems with my phone too. Mine can't even save screenshots. Can anyone help me?

  • Anja Leers Anja Leers
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    Unfassbar schlecht! Wer hat dieses Update verbrochen?! Alle Fehler wurden vielfach genannt? Wann passiert was? Welche Daten sind unwiderbringlich verloren? Ein Desaster! Hilfe!!!!!😤🤮

  • rmart rmart
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    Probably factory reset isn't helping. It seems to be a problem with SD card when configured as intern memory extension. Then this version of Android 11 in Nokia 4.2 is not handling it properly and that is causing the problems. Factory reset I guess will be working with the SD card in the same mode, so same problems happening. My guess.

    Will be Nokia capable of solving this for the next update of Android 11 and when it will be available?

  • Exozuba Exozuba
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    In case anyone is wondering this is how I fixed my phone after the ruined WhatsApp and inability to take photos, but I was unable to do anything about photos that had disappeared from the phone.

    The below is the instructions I got through Nokia support chat.

    - Back up phone.

    - Remove SD card.

    - Perform factory reset.

    - Reinstall SD card, choose USE AS REMOVABLE option.

    - Restore your content.

    Now the phone is working reliably at least.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Dunraven Dunraven

    Same here. Photos gone, hardly any apps will launch, some apps that will launch have lost all settings, can't install anything although it claims to have space, even after erasing apps to make space. Won't launch apps from card, but not every app in phone memory will launch, either.

  • EvEm EvEm
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    I did not updated my device, but it's clearly that you didn't noticed on very important fact guys.

    When you were putting fresh microSD card into your phone, device asked you if you want to you use it as as

    >Extended phone memory

    >Other/external memory.

    Since you chosen extended phone memory, it was locked and secured to the exactly your version of system.

    I've changed cards while upgrading phone 9>10 with bigger and faster microSD card, but I've put untouched old card in safe place, I've also made this mistake and chosen extended phone memory, new card was formatted, secured and unable to use in any other device.

    Mentioned old card were used later as backup od pics, music, etc etc.

    I guess differences between 10 and 11 are so big, that new update doesn't recognize secure options of 10, so data are still on your card, but secured and unable to use/see in 11.

    Or, try to install totall commander from Google Play, and check it for possibility of going to card and see it's data's.

    The last resort is to use on laptop or whatever device with microSD card reader + bootable Linux as Debian, Ubuntu on live CD, and check if it will see all data on your card.

    Every attempt of erasing it, formatting it, or whatever will probably delete all secured previously (at android 10) data's.

    And btw, I'm not going instal any of this 11 before July or even in further time - every each updste in android one program is tragically buggy.

    Edit - even after months since my phone got 10, this a piece of s####y keyboard cannot write properly words, misunderstanding and changing in any random word. In English.

    In polish it's evem much worst!

    Nokia ¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯

  • Dunraven Dunraven

    But why do apps continue to fail to launch, even after removing the SD card? Why is the phone's memory unable to store anything, even though it claims there is plenty of space? While the "treat as internal storage" explains some issues, it doesn't seem to explain all of them.

  • EvEm EvEm
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    Because you need to perform full reset of device.

    Don't ask me why it's happening, Nokia should inform everyone about anything

  • S-U_2 S-U_2
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    Did the Android 11 update today (16 of April 2021) and now my sd card is bugging out.

    I am done with the generic helpdesk checklist ending with a "guess you have to factory reset the device and format your sd card"

    Is it to much to ask to bug check before releasing an update that makes someone's phone just a damm paper weight.

    Is there a bug tracker for this issues or are the developers going to act as if nothing went wrong.

  • Make.25 Make.25
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    What a mistake to update to A 11, total disaster, lost all pics, whatsupp not loading pics, camera pics not saved anywhere ! Should have seen this forum before updating. Still waiting for some response at this forum from Nokia and/or HMD.

  • Hello i have lost all my data after upgrading to Android 11, and my memory card no longer works properly.

    I have formatted my memory numerously and tested it on other device and it works properly. But when i insert/reformat it in my device my the apps i install crash my WhatsApp, recorder, bible etc Apps no longer works. Pls fix this upgrade, i have lost all my files already, i just need my SD Card working again. Thanks

  • Devin Workman Devin Workman
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    My phone is a mess now. Nice one Nokia. 👍

  • EvEm EvEm
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    True, they should check it on all possible variants.

    Is time after time they updates are messing people's devices.

    I was fighting like a lion for battery issue repair. No one from Nokia was interred in speak with me - I've even send list of mulfunctions to their few language version of Facebook sites.

    And it was in march of 2020.

    It's April of 2021 and there's no answer from anyone of development team at all.

    Im guessing, they are buying their software development firm outsourcing companies sokewehere in China, cause with covid outbreak, every updates was just stopped or slowered.

  • rmart rmart
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    Thanks for the info!

    I tried to read the SD card with Total Commander from the phone, it recognises 19 of 30 GB used, but then the most part of the data is missing.

    I will try to make a Ubuntu Live OS within a USB and try to read the SD card this way. Any suggestions on this? Anyone could access this way the data of a SD card formatted as internal memory on the phone?

    Also I'm praying for the next security patch of Android 11 on the phone, and it could read all data in the SD card.

  • Android 11 Nokia 4.2 -> FM radio does not save settings after closing the program and pulling out the headphones. Help!

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    An issue with bluetooth in indeed there, never had issues when using it on my car, two days ago I started a call from the car, and nothing happened, but after 1-2 minutes it started to make the call - never happened before.

    And I also noticed another, a few times when I get home, the wifi icon is enabled (as always) but it does not connect to my network - also, never happened before.

  • rmart rmart
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    I found this blog entry that describes how to decrypt and read a SD card used as intern memory in Android M. Maybe it's useful to recover the data from the SD card due to the buggy Android 11 update on Nokia 4.2.

    Anyone from Nokia team can help/comment on this?


  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    Confirmed, as soon you close the app the favorites and everything is completely lost, you need to redo everything again, the app starts always fresh/clean!

  • tusharsingh43 tusharsingh43
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    Just format your SD card, uninstall all the apps and use it as portable storage.

    Done your phone is back to normal.

  • Erik Persson Erik Persson
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    The battery appears to be drained even faster with Android 11.

  • Updated today in the UK and now cannot access any files, can't take photos or videos, can't see the files anywhere. As the camera doesn't work at all now is my only option to format the SD card in an attempt to revive it or am I better off waiting for an update in the hopes of being able to retrieve the data (and fix the camera)?

    Also cannot take screenshots so yeah looks like a storage issue in general and as another user has reported cannot save any media from Whatsapp.

  • nocknock nocknock

    Very unfortunate that this update is not revoked after several reports of problems with eg whatsapp and adoptable storage.

    Even now it is still out there. I tried to revert back to previous version (unfortunately requires factory reset/wipe) by making the previous slot active via adb. It does start the previous version again, but the initial setup requires internet and update check which then will force install 11 again.....which is not yet revoked. Else I would be back at 10 and have a usable phone.

  • nocknock, were you able to access your missing files/photos via adb? I've ordered a new sd card which I hope to use to get the camera working again and I'll hang onto the old one in the vain hope that the data isn't gone and nokia release a patch to restore it , if they do I'll put the old sd card back in.

  • Nokia what are you doing!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing works on my phone anymore, lost all my data and you guys have done nothing to fix it. What on earth is going on?

    Did your Developers not test the upgrade before realising it, this is very poor.

  • adielle adielle
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    Revert back to previous version, from android 11 to android 10

    Link --> Downgrade Nokia 2.2 from Android 10 to Android 9 (Pie) (

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