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Right. Whatever. Time to get another phone from an honest company, and end this abusive relationship with HMD. MAYBE Nokia will be Nokia again one day.

Introducing a new portfolio you'll love, trust and want to keep


  • Right. Whatever.

    Time to get another phone from an honest company, and end this abusive relationship with HMD.

    MAYBE Nokia will be Nokia again one day. Till then: Sayonara!

  • P.S. My words are perfectly fit for public.

    Just maybe not your public.


  • "RIGHT NOW"???


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Sure thing. It's fine.

    Let's see where hmd stands a few years later. It is always confusing if they'll sustain or give up 😬

  • abozhin abozhin
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    My Nokia C20 arrived today and I'm very happy — great phone! Thank you, Nokia.

  • Troy Cleveland Troy Cleveland
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    Love the look of the Nokia G20, can't wait for it to come out in Australia to so it in day light.

  • markLopez9 markLopez9
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    It's good to see that Nokia is still releasing units under Android One, which is why I chose these phones for my family to use. The Chinese brands that are widespread here in the Philippines run customized Android, and I have experienced buying a Xiaomi for my mom and ended up with an unpleasant surprise that I could not fully configure the security features of Sophos Intercept X because features were missing in that customized operating system, MIUI.

    It's sad to see however that they don't seem to cater to "business-like" users who prefer smaller screens (so we can hold them with just one hand) and don't do selfies nor games (because we use it for the actual reason why phones were invented - to communicate). With this new portfolio, it makes me feel like I have no choice but to shop elsewhere.

    A local-branded phone which I bought before I discovered Nokia and Android One is due to retire this year, and so I decided to get a Nokia as a replacement instead of buying the unreliable local brand again. To my disappointment, the available models are all 6-inches and above. I did some digging and found this announcement even more disappointing: all new models are bigger than 6 inches.

    Is there a reason for this decision? I can probably understand if there won't be succeeding models the size of your Nokia 1, which is a 5-inch, because a big percentage of the population probably regards that as too small to do common tasks. But what about sizes between 5.3- to 5.7-inch screens? I personally still look at that as a big screen, but that's better than having to just accept that all there is available are 6 inches and above.

    It is my belief that the reason why you release under Android One is to make security your selling point, and security is highly valued by business-like users (not gamers or selfie lovers). So if that holds true, how come you don't have screen sizes that are just big enough to do business tasks such as emails, messaging or phone calls? Or probably a better question is if the small screens no longer have a market share, how come Samsung still released a 5.7-inch (model A01, I think, running the full Android and not the Go Ed) some time last year?

    It's my first time posting here in the forum via a regular browser, and I couldn't even find a button to start a discussion. So I'm voicing out my issue here as a comment to your announcement.

    Anyway, I had no choice but to buy the unreliable local brand again, since they still produce a 4-inch screen. I only bought it as a temporary replacement and looking forward to replacing it next year. Hence the reason why I posted here. I am hoping that by the time I need another replacement, Nokia would have something that fits the needs of business-like users like me. Otherwise, I guess I have no choice but to shop in Samsung.

    So Nokia, can you put into consideration what I have mentioned above? Maybe you have forgotten about customers who buy phones to use them as phones and not toys or cameras. And in case my argument is not on the table because of expected sales, perhaps you could consider releasing smaller-screen models that are "limited edition" and can only be pre-ordered and/or ordered online so you can cut down on costs by not over-producing and end up with a profit. Perhaps even do a survey in the community to get a feel of how many would be interested so you know how many your production minimum will be (to estimate cost versus profit). You released a Nokia 2.2 running Android One before, so I'm not sure why you can't release a new one under that same screen again.

    I believe I'm not an extinct breed because Samsung still produced a slightly smaller-screen phone last year. So people like me still make up a number in the market. Android One on screens 5.7-inch and below, even as a limited edition via pre-order/online order. Please consider.

  • Edgar.A. Edgar.A.
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    Trust to Nokia ? Its a piti , but not real, after nokia 5.3 update, mpkia lying! this is true

  • When will the G20 launch in the US? I like the G10 which is available but I need NFC. I would even take the X20. I will wait another 2-3 weeks. If nothing I will go for the Motorola G Power. Fingers crossed.

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    Budy even the 8.3 not available in India 😂😂not launched in India

  • They need to have a better supply chain. In the US they actually offer the lowly G10 on their website but not the G20. I do not think anyone wants a device with 3GB memory and 32 GB storage. The 8.3 is a mid-ranger and should be available in all markets. Where is the Nokia 10 Pureview? Man HMD makes it hard to be a Nokia fan. Motorola and Google keep beckoning to me. My patience with Nokia is thinner than an anorexic Victoria's Secret model!

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    It's high time you dump the phones from this company. They've lost all their credibility.

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    My friend buy a Google pixel you won't be disappointed

  • FedyaG FedyaG
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    Hello Mr. Paul @dipankar paul

    The new portfolio is a good thing, but keeping marketing promises to maintain the high security standards in you recent but not newest models is better actually. I see you skipped several months of security updates for Nokia 7.2 and now the system reports that security is at risk (security update 1st march 2021). I would ask you to resolve the issue with the risk of security on model 7.2. Please be advised about this situation.

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    No use sending any messages, HMD is preparing themselves for failure.

    Each and every product they've released so far has problems, people tolerated so far only because of timely updates, now that also is gone. Those who still buy their products are just wasting their money, that's all.

  • akbrian akbrian
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    I would suggest the following changes;

    1) 3 years of monthly security updates for everything, regardless of price point.

    2) Start the update clock when the phone end productions, rather than when it starts. This makes it easier to sell the phone throughout it's product cycle.

    3) Save money by making fewer models of phones and making them for longer periods of time. This allows you to make a better product that is better supported.

    That is how you build a long term loyal clientele. Treat your entry level customers well. They start out with simple needs and limited money. They have the same security and reliability concerns as anyone else. As time goes on, and they make more money, they can afford a fancier, more expensive product. They'll stick with the brand based on having had a positive experience, but move up the product ladder.

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    HMD employees can use the new devices themselves and sing


  • user123 user123
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    @dipankar paul @madbilly

    Looking for a Recovery tool and Bootloader Unlock for Nokia devices

  • Only thing left good about nokia is Stock android and maybe built apart from that i dont see any reason why i should buy nokia again ?

  • I think HMD should have been more consistent with their phone releases and software updates instead of creating a new portfolio and killing the old ones. Because people then Don't take you seriously if you keep changing portfolios and the reason is you. Look at Apple they didn't missed or moved their launches in these years

  • And btw That old portfolio made more sense then this x, g and c series. U know what X,GAnd C makes a bit sense too but what's with these numbers skipping 10, 20 and then jumped to 50. What...?

  • And where i live Nokia is not doing well as they're doing in 2018. Because even though HMD was somewhat launching phones they weren't launching Nokia phones here on time. Even now they're not doing it better then before. Nokia X10 and X20 are still no where to be seen. G series was launched but it was a bit late as well. So it can be appreciated that they did launch G series. I don't know when will i be able to buy a flagship phone if it launches globally. I hope it launches the next week after the global launch so it doesn't get outdated to competition

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    Disappointed that Brazil did not officially have the XR20, X20, X10, G20, G10 and C30 and the G21 and G11 are not guaranteed.

  • Shravan Purohit Shravan Purohit
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    Nokia's official website states that g20 has recieved update on 4th March but my phone hasn't received any update till now.

  • paa willie paa willie
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    Nokia brand and quality is such you can't do away with💪

  • N3310 N3310
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    The company does not keep its promises.
    They promised to evaluate Nokia Pureview 9 for 3 years, but did not deliver.
    They promised a 50% discount for owners, but the promise turned out to be a lie.
    The support staff is incompetent. They give different information and broken links.

  • User 132636 User 132636
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