R.I.P. my Nokia 8110 4G

abbas ✭✭✭
edited April 2021 in Nokia 8110 4G

When I bought this mobile phone, the salesman said I was the 22nd owner from his Nokia Retail Outlet to own it. I was on a shoe-string budget but wanted 4G and it was the cheapest 4G feature phone available. I am very passionate with this Nokia 8110 4G so although it is merely a feature phone, I like it very much. Still I am quite rough with this Nokia and treat it like a toy where butterfingers me dropped more than 15 times yet I confirm it has a tough case: only 2 neglectable hairline cracks plus a minor chip appeared at the edge yet it still functions well. Only that the bottom edge of the navigation shift eventually chipped as a result of sharp fingernails (should file fingernails before using this Nokia) and 2 most regularly press keypads have now become sticky. Although limited to KaIOS apps, I struggled with FB Messenger with its restrictive message box for the first few months before WhatsApp came around. This mobile phone overall functions reasonably well for a feature phone but downgrading myself from a smartphone, I had to learn to relax and take my own sweet time when texting. I do not play games on the mobile phone as I always lose. Good points are that GMail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar are available and syncs so that is nice but I never used Google Assistant as it was too slow for my liking and only used GMaps when I was stationary.

After slightly more than 2 years usage, the battery started to take a longer time to fully charge. Coincidentally, in September 2020, my son gave me his iPhone SE (2016) as he got a better smartphone. Then in Malaysia, one needs to use the govt. Covid-19 monitoring app to QR scan when entering a business/industrial premise but that app is not KaiOS compatible so my iPhone became more practical.

Last year, KaiOS Tech partnered with Mozilla and should they upgrade the OS and make it perform much faster and bank webpage compatible plus a need for the printscreen feature to be made available, that would be a tremendous jump in its potential.

Only then I may use my Nokia 8110 4G at least as a back-up phone but until then R.I.P. boy, you served your purpose well.