Thank goodness no new N-series

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Hi all ๐Ÿ‘‹

Wow, long time since I've posted anything new here, but the recent launches whet my appetite to spend a little time with Nokia phones again.

Why the subject title? Well, because I know that a few people were secretly hoping that HMD, along with them reviving other letter-series, would annouce a brand new N-series device, even though there have been no leaks or hints about such a device in the past few months. The N-series is the pinnacle of Nokia phones and if there was to be a new Nx then it would have to be the absolute top of the range chipset, best camera ever on a phone, amazing audio, super-deluxe screen - you get the picture just generally amazing. I would love to see a proper N-series device for modern times.

However, I'm glad that HMD didn't try to make a new N-series. Why? Simply because I don't think they are capable of doing it at the moment and I think they know that. Or, more accurately, they are not capable of making one which does justice to the N-series name for a price which people will pay. I know they can make a flagship phone, they've proven that, but the N-series is different. The N-series needs to make Galaxy S, iPhone Pro Max Durex and Huawei matey-boy look like they've brought a knife to a gunfight.

I really really hope that this new approach for HMD works out and that they are always planning, experimenting, testing the possibilities for a new N-series phone and that they only release it when they know it will be the best.

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  • singhnsk
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    Oh you meant they'll never release it, right @madbilly. Sadly, the billions that others have spent into imaging and other areas of RnD isn't hmd's thing for the foreseeable future. Cummo they're already toning down on the materials used, from an all metal Nokia 6/6.1 to a metal + glass on the 6.1 Plus to a Plastic + glass on the 6.2, finally to a all-plastic on the Nokia X10 which they call is the continuation of the 6 series, so, equivalent for Nokia 6.4.

    Yeah it is nice that they haven't launched a N-series so far. But I'm not sure if the reason behind that was them failing to be able to justify the legendary status of the N-series. With X out of the league already, what do you think the next Nokia 8 will use?

    It's gonna be the Nokia N30, unless they wanna use the Huawei's P, Samsung's S or Sony's Z ๐Ÿคค Yes, there are many other alphabets, but the N seems the most likely to be taken because it's associated with Nokia of the past. hmd is all trying to reap any value that the Nokia brand has, so, they won't miss this opportunity.

    And with X settling with SDM 480s, maybe there's enough room for 3 different series, one using the 690, another using the latest SDM780, then one on SDM 870, another with high end SDM 888 ๐Ÿ˜ I mean there are quite many Snapdragon series waiting for them...

  • madbilly
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    Hi Singh,

    Yes I know they will eventually release a new N-series, the only question is whether they release a good one, one that deserves the name, or not.

    I was unfair above, saying that HMD can't make one. They can. I would argue that every 8 series phone, the 9 PureView and probably also the 7 plus would be worthy to be called N-series - after all, not all the original N-series devices by old Nokia were actually top of the range flagship devices.

    I don't mind plastic again, so long as there's no stupid glass sandwiches. And to be honest I would be surprised to see fancy materials on something with a low-mid SoC in it. Is the X the new 6? Hmm, maybe, it's certainly a continuation of the original Nokia 6, with some of the fancy camera setup from more recent 6s, but still with the stupid tiny macro and depth sensors.

    I wonder if we'll see a new E series? After all these were high spec devices without the media tricks of the N-series but often with better hardware, e.g. better screen on the E7 than the N8.

    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚