Memory management and camera issues

All credit to users @Maksim and @user1535610956109 for this find; quoting them below:  

Memory management and camera issues

thecripplednewt thecripplednewt
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All credit to users @Maksim and @user1535610956109 for this find; quoting them below:


"This is probably due to poor memory management of the phone. I don't know what cause is, but i know how to reliably reproduce the issue.

 You can download MemoryPump or similar memory filler application.

I run it on: Google Pixel 2, Samasung S4 mini, Huawei P9 lite. When I press "allocate all memory" all of them just simply shut down this application.

 BUT Nokia 6.1 becomes completely unresponsive and reboots after couple of minutes. Please verify if your phones do the same."

"I also have the stated problem even after an update. This is ridiculous.

I captured related problem on video on youtube

Check it out. If you have same problem let me know in comments. May be there is hardware bug in some phones and we can get phone replaced. "

"Me too. These issues have been there since launch and Nokia does nothing to fix them. I think it might be related to bad memory management and badly build background services that make the phone freeze. At least for me there's sometimes notification about the service that has stopped, but not always. Usually when the phone freezes when doing something related to camera, it doesn't show anything. But when it hangs randomly (like it does few times a day), it tells always different component that has stopped, like seen in this photo "


I can reproduce the issue shown in the video on my phone as well.



  • Danielms Danielms
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    Hello, the same situation tomorrow. It's very frustrating, it happens many times a day, most often in the morning when I pick up my phone, I can not use it for a few minutes. I honestly do not know what to do next.

    I also bought my boy a Nokia 6.1, and now I'm disappointed. The wife has Nokia 6 and does not have these problems. We are Google Nexus users and we switched to Nokia, but disappointment is great.

  • Does your wife have the 4GB version by any chance?

  • Danielms Danielms
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    Yes, the wife's phone is 4 gb.
  • that would explain why she has more headroom and thus isn't having the issues. I suspect if you use an app to fill the RAM on hers it would crash as well

  • nitin kachare nitin kachare
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    thecripplednewt i did earlier.I have 4GB/64GB Variant of Nokia 6.1.I had installed Developer Toolbelt- Fill RAM and when 300MB Remain at that time my device get hanging almost i have to soft reset my device and same problem happen with Redmi Note 4 and Redmi Note 5 Pro and Motorolla G5S Plus.Is it possible issue with RAM or Is it Application Issue.
  • user1536205113766 user1536205113766
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    I bought this phone for my wife, was between this and g5, went with the Nokia due to Android one. Big mistake, Nokia better fix this with Android pie or they are gonna have lots of issues. I don't understand how all reviews say this is a good phone with how much it crashes on a daily basis. Worst phone so far
  • nitin kachare nitin kachare
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    user1536205113766 I friend have Moto G5SPlus.It has less ISO 1600 in Camera.DDR3 RAM(Nokia 6.1 DDR4),Less ZRAM/Cache Memory than Nokia 6.1,Still On Noughat,No Dual VOLTE,SD630 is great than SD625/626.Agree it has 13MP+13MP Camera but it's not great.
  • nitin kachare nitin kachare
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    Is there anyone who connect Pen Drive On Nokia6.1 using Type C OTG Cable.I have issue while connect Pen Drive.USB Card Reader,USB Keyboard,USB Mouse get Connected but Pen Drive didn't connect.FAT32 File System of My Sony 32GB Pen Drive.
  • pikachu pikachu
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    Many apps crash on my phone. Yesterday i was about to pay for something in Amazon app and suddenly the app closed and i got message of app crash. My news apps crash in between. My banking apps crash all the time. And i am a very light user. I never keep any app in the background and keep in clearing cache. But still apps are frequently crashing. Also my phone app freezes randomly. I have to restart the phone to make a call to someone as the phone app just refuse to work no matter how many times i re-open it, unless i reboot. Its been only a month since i purchased this device and i am facing these issues. But the issues have increased after August update, so i am thinking maybe its a google problem and not Nokia? I have no idea but would be greatful if Nokia will look into it and fix the app crash thing in upcoming updates.
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