Android 11

Plz improve camera /incress saturation / by otp

Android 11

Plz improve camera /incress saturation / by otp


  • delia cummings delia cummings
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    not only camera, they need to improve speed also. I recently download a basketball game and while playing - the screen gets stuck and phone restarts by itself.

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    I had been using this phone from last 6 months but never saw any improvements in the camera performance till date.

    Even A11 is not come even though they boast about Android One.

    The better they leave this program and bring their own skin, the better, otherwise by next year, none of their phones will sell.

  • When will Nokia 5.3 get software update?

  • rajiveha rajiveha
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    Nobody knows nothing. Now hope has lost.

  • Dega7755 Dega7755
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    WE ALREADY PROMISE THIS UPDATE HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE WHEN ALREADY CHEATED this person of life you will trust such a person of course not, and Noika lied 2 times now 3 more times already)))) everything is just wondering how long this song will last

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