When will an update for Nokia 3.2 be available?

When will the nearest update be available to solve android 11 update issues .


  • The latest update contains many problems.

  • Same as how Android 10 got new build after upgrade , same will happen for Android 11 but don't expect it too early .

  • haider02
    haider02 ✭✭

    well you asked for it.

    I cannot believe just how low Nokia fell. Its a shame really. i fear that Nokia has deliberately released an update rendering the phones unusable. Sheer frustration for anyone holding this phone in their hand.

    I have a few questions for Nokia.

    1. Who in their right state of mind would release a phone with an internal storage of 16GB where the OS takes up straight 11GB. Seriously that engineer or designer needs to get their head checked.
    2. Further to add insult to injury, make the SD card unusable as internal storage by releasing an glitched Andriod 11 update that wont even allow a simple picture to be downloaded on the phone if the SD card is set as internal storage.

    I believe the true focus of Nokia here was to make people throw away their preowned phones and get a new one, the same trick used by Apple (maybe they are learning from the best) but i got this phone just recently and to me honestly its nothing more than paper weight.

    There is no morality left in the Nokia management. They refuse to even post a comment about their scam's of late like this.

  • Nokia is ****. My nokia 3.2 (3/32) have many many bugs and glitches in it. Nokia never listen to public. Consumer services is worse. I don't like xaomi due to ads but when i got nokia i think xaomi is still Far better than nokia! My first and last nokia device