Bluetooth problem after Android 11 upgrade


Since the android 11 update (on my Nokia 4.2) the Bluetooth connection with my car systematically fails (for the "music player" profile / the "phone" profile is OK), same with one of my Bluetooth speakers ...

I just did a factory reset but the problem is unchanged.

With Android 10 (and the same Nokia 4.2) everything was working properly.

Small precision: the Pixel 4a of my wife (with Android 11) works without problem in the same car (so it's seem not to be a problem with android 11 but the problem seem to come with the implementation provided by Nokia)

Am I the only one with this type of problem ?



  • Same here.

    Bluetooth app chashes when connected with my car (Nissan), cyclically.

    The cycle of connections - crashes - disconnections ends as soon as i try to make a phone call.

    After this first phone call the system seems to stabilize.

  • I have the same problem: The Bluetooth App crashes repeatedly when trying to connect to my car's telephone system. The car telephone connectivity feature in my car (Jaguar X-Type) worked excellently in Android 9, never worked in Android 10 and now crashes Bluetooth completely...

  • Same here :(

  • Nokia fix this quickly or I'm a goner..

    Live up to your old name plz!

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  • Unfortunately, the Bluetooth app was not fixed in the April update.

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    Switching to Samsung

  • Another try today of the 4.2 BT with my car, that used to work perfectly on android 10, I started a call and the car says that is making the call but then nothing happens; after 30s to 1minute, and only then, the call is really made.

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    Same here, car bluetooth can't see music profile each and every time I start driving, also my bluetooth speaker disconnects after a while stopping music, but device itself shows "BT connected" status. Of course before this update do 11 everything was ok.

  • I have the same issue also. Very close to switching away from Nokia which is disappointing.

  • On android 10 I would start a BT phone call on my car and it was immediate. This time I counted the seconds: I started the call and nothing happens, you think nothing happened but, eventually, 20 seconds after, it started the call.

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    Nokia do we have a solution for this issue yet? This is an incredibly frustrating issue for someone who spends alot of time in the car.

  • Just taken over this phone from my wife, it had been switched off for a while.

    When I 1st used it, all was fine but then it upgraded to 11 and now phone connects but Media Audio does not connect.

    The only solution is to wait a short while, go into Bluetooth settings, turn Media Audio OFF and then back ON, and then it connects ok.

    But if you stop the car, you have to go through this again.

    How can I roll back to Android 10 or more importantly when is this going to be fixed?

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    I finally found a solution to this Bluetooth problem (in the absence of response from NOKIA since so many months...): I bought a Samsung phone. And, guess what, no more problem with Bluetooth :)

    I will never buy a Nokia phone again !

  • I bought a Nokia G20 16 days ago

    I can't remember if it came preloaded with Android 11 or it did an upgrade when it was first turned on.

    The phone cannot Bluetooth (BT) connect successfully to my 2018 Ford Sync system. It attempts to, then the BT app on my phone crashes, it restarts, attempts the connection again, crashes again etc.

    I've tried deleting the phone device from Sync, and the Sync device form my phone, then manually attempting the connection again - no resolution.

    I tried restarting my phone, I've tried factory resetting my phone - no resolution.

    The only way to stop the BT connection failures and app crashing loop infinitum, is to make my phone "forget" the car device, and delete the phone device form my car.

    Ok, errors have stopped by preventing the BT connections, so I try Android Auto, that just needs a USB cable physically connecting my phone the the car right? As soon as Android Auto starts up (it actually seems to work ok) for some reason Sync attempts a BT connection to the phone, why? It has a USB connection, why does it need Bluetooth as well ??? Anyway the BT connection error/crash/app restart loop gets started again and the messages popping up on the car's LED screen totally obscure the Android Auto app making it unusable

    So I took my phone is back to the retailer yesterday and they're having an "engineer" confirm the problem before giving me a refund.

    The Motorola G10 or G30 is looking good at the moment

  • I finally scrapped my Nokia 4.2 telephone and purchased one of the last Motorola Moto E6 Plus phones available in Sweden. This phone reportedly will not be updated from Android 9 to the nightmarish Android 10-11 versions, and now the BT connection to my car telephone system works again!

  • Hi

    I had bluetooth connection issues with my nokia g20 connecting with ford sync 3, it would constantly cycle connect / disconnect. The solution which worked for me was to become a developer by tapping build number and then selecting developer options from the system advanced menu. Then changed MAP version from 1.2 which is default to version 1.3 , (also changed AVRCP to version 1.6 although not sure if necessary)

    Then restarted phone re paired with sync 3 in car and all working good for me.

  • Worked for a day but next day back to the cycling connect / disconnect problem !

  • Не работает bluetooth та и вообще много проблем в этом телефоне

    Кто подскажет что значит, модифицированная версия android 11 это у меня стоит на телефоне приобрёл в 2021 году в августе в конце лета СТ 1157 nokia 4.2 one 3 ГБ оперативки что с этим делать мне с этой модифицированная версия?

  • Finally given up with the Nokia 4.2, such a shame that Nokia dont care about customer problems. I have bought a Redmi Note 11, £178.00.

    Although not vanilla Android (which is what I wanted) unlike Samsung's you can uninstall all the unwanted apps.

    Phone works really well, including the finger print sensor which is on the On/Off button. Bluetooth Audio connects to my car and so does the wi-fi when I get home, (NOKIA that's all I wanted you to Fix)

    Regards Dave