8110 4G - best setup for business use?!

Hi! Who know's if it is working:

8110 4G connected/with App for:

configured to sync contacts with my own (Baikal) standard/RFC CardCAD server

configured to sync calendar with my own (Baikal) standard/RFC CalCAD server

configured to use mail with my own (Exim) standard/RFC IMAP server

with installed App for Signal communicator account

with installed App for Telegram communicator account

possible to share 4G data connection via WLan hotspot for use of tablet/notebook as full internet client

I'm not a friend of Google services (no, I'm not paranoid!), but this why I ask if it is possible to setup standards with setup assistants. I have had a look to the manual... and don't find any about this, the stupids at the shops don't know... now all my hope is on you, the users who own a 8110/6300 4G device! 😉

Thanks for support!