Nokia going die again 🥺🥺

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    Juho Sarvikas announces his exit from HMD Global and Nokia

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    Even though Nokia came up with an Android 11 roadmap soon after the Android 11 official release, the company hasn’t been able to live up to its own promises.

    Nokia devices are part of the Android One program which usually gets the updates quite early. But a delay of this kind in providing Android 11 updates seems to be a critical flaw at the Nokia end.

    Nokia Mobile NOT in the Android 11 Beta program!!!

  • singhnsk
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    The smartphone market is very hard now.

    There are only 4 leading companies now:

    Apple, Samsung, BBK and Xiaomi. That's it. Every other company is a niche player and it is nearly impossible for any new small company to directly compete with these 4 leaders.

    The best that Nokia/hmd can do is to build a niche audience by delivering products that appeal to them. I'm certain that they can't shine the market share graphs in the short run.

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    Yes its is very difficult to capture global market and India markets in today's generation but I feel if Nokia can do it better If they focus on hardware changes and software maintenance testing new samsung smartphones and changing on Nokia series. Nowadays every company is copying other phones camera, ram, variety, battery, stereo fm, operating system, Software maintenance for 4 years.

    Nokia should come back on roots I had used 3310 black and white phone those times later Nokia N73 had a great journey now I'm fed up with these chinese phones hope to see new smartphones with good varient people yet love Nokia. Just waiting for good models like Nokia X3 Pro to get launch.

  • Lawrence JB
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    They started off well, but the delays in A11 stating that they were not even part of the Android Developer Program for A11 is one of the biggest flaws on top of all the mediocre products they were launching from 2020 save Nokia 8.3 5G.

    Now the future looks very bad.

    No one will purchase, trust or love their phones again. May be very few may buy.

    Android One once again proves that HMD made a big mistake and funny part is that, they are still continuing with this program.