[Moved] Android 11 update is worse

After updating on android 11 my nokia 8.1 is hanging every hour even when I am typing. Screenshot option is missing from power button.

[Moved] Android 11 update is worse

Ravi Ojha Ravi Ojha
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After updating on android 11 my nokia 8.1 is hanging every hour even when I am typing. Screenshot option is missing from power button.


  • owen yeager owen yeager
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    There are many problems after updating Android 11 and Nokia has not sent an update to solve the problem yet , The updated devices are suffering from a lot of errors :(

    I wonder why needs so much time to fix the errors ?

    As for the screen capture option in power button , it is not present mainly in Android 11 from the ground up (it is not Nokia’s fault, it is not present from Google)

  • DragonSprout DragonSprout
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    Forget about it bro... They are never gonna fix it😂😂

  • Stewart Potter Stewart Potter
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    What on earth has this Android 11 update done?

    I installed it today, and now my phone doesn't work at all: keeps re-starting, no apps open properly, the settings option freezes...

    What the ****?!!

  • yasin sadri yasin sadri
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    That's a bull sheet version, My phone is nokia 2.2, I installed it on 29th of april, after the upgrading, All My files corrupted I lost All My photos, videos, audios, PDFs... It's like a very bad virus not like a new android version, please send a new version to fix all problems, I'm getting very depressing and lost a lot of My worth time, this is a very **** virus...

  • HarryH HarryH

    Yes I agree ...at has Nokia and Android 11 done.My Nokia 2.3 has now lost all photos prior to update and the camera function continues to freeze. Will Nokia provide another update to fix these problems. HarryH

  • HarryH HarryH

  • Sunil RB Sunil RB

    My Nokia 8.1 has been acting really bad. Especially with the 2 apps i use - insta and YouTube. Both hang and freeze and then quit. I tried clearing cache. I also uninstalled and reinstalled instagram but still to off no avail. Like when I'm scrolling downwards it's fine but when it comes to explore or the inbox it just hangs. Any one over here successful enough to get this issue sorted?

  • An Absolute disaster upgrading to android 11 on Nokia 3.2 and others.

    I lost everything on my phone and can't access SCD ..nor install any app.

    My phone is basically useless now. So frustrating...

  • How can I downgrade to android 10?

  • Tejas01 Tejas01
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    Go to service centre and ask them to downgrade.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi, do you use a sd card in the phone that is formatted as internal storage instead of the standard portable storage?

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Do you also use a sd card formatted as internal storage?

  • star101102 star101102
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    After updating, my Nokia 8.1 is getting shut down randomly at any battery level. In safe mode also, facing same issue. I kept my phone in recovery menu for an hour and it didnt shut down so problem is clearly with Android 11.

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