Android 11 trashed my phone

When will there be an update to correct the mess that the Android 11 update has made of my Nokia 3.2?

Several apps no longer work and I lost all my photos.

It is now just a phone.

Is there a way to restore Android 10?


  • No option to downgrade after Android 9 (pie). Enjoy ☺️

  • Thanks for the info. I have spent a few hours following Nokia's instructions but so far not much has changed. Anyway it is what it is!

  • I just upgraded to android 11 on my Nokia 3.2 and ever since my phone has not been working properly. What do I have to do?

  • What I found in the end was that the SD card was not set up as shared internal storage. I re-formatted it and everything seems OK now. Whether there was a lack of space to cope with the upgrade I don't know.

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    Whenever you try to upgrade a new Android version remove the sd card, take a backup of internal storage and even apps then format it.

  • Nokia 8.1 update Android 11 laging :(

  • Thanks for all your input.

    I Managed to correct it the first time but now another problem has appeared.

    WhatsApp no longer downloads photos. Lack of memory space I think.

    The system is using 11GB of internal memory out of 16GB! Total internal memory left is 0.87GB.

    I've moved everything I can onto the 16GB SD card but I think I might have to reset the phone and start again.

    Note to myself: next phone must have a lot of internal memory!

    Thanks again for your help.

  • I spoke too soon. I cleared the WhatsApp cache and data. now Google drive is stuck at 90% restoring media!

    I'm really fed up now. I shouldn't have to fiddle about with the OS to get these apps to work.

    Whether it's the phone or the apps or Android, it's still APITA.

    If I replace the phone WA will probably not work anyway.

    Does everyone have the same problems?

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  • No. I have stopped using WA for photos.

    I don't know anyone with a Nokia 3.2 so no comparison.

    Next phone won't be a Nokia!

  • Seit Android 11 Update funktioniert mein Nokia 3.2 sehr eingeschränkt,wattsapp Videos und Bilder gehen gar nicht mehr, Speicherkarte (128gb) nicht verfügbar, Kamera funktioniert auch nicht, kommt für mich in Zukunft nicht mehr in Frage, total enttäuscht

  • How to downgrade nokia 8.1 from android 11 to android 9 pie?

    Android 11 on this phone is suck... instead of boosting performance, they give me bugs and overheating.

    I have nokia 8.1 TA-1119

  • نوکیا جی ۲۰ اندروید ۱۱

  • نوکیاجی۲۰ اندروید ۱۱مدل ساخت ۲۰۲۱_۲۰۲۲