TAC number problems with the Nokia 8110 4G

When I did online banking before with a non-KaiOS handphone, I never faced problems receiving a TAC number from the bank. However, this problem surfaced when I started to use the Nokia 8110 4G but after I took out my SIM card from the Nokia 8110 4G and inserted it into a non-KaiOS handphone, all the TAC numbers I requested earlier, popped out in that non-KaiOS handphone, be it a Android or IOS handphone. I can only concluded banks TAC system are not KaiOS-friendly. In the case of Shopee, they were wise to anticipate that there could be instances where customers faced difficulty receiving their TAC number so offered customers to receive that TAC number alternatively via an automated telephone call. Until banks learn and adopt the approach Shopee took, you may face similar issues when using it for online banking especially when it concerns receiving a TAC number. This has been one of my irritating experience with the Nokia 8110 4G.