Touch lag on Nokia 5.4

I'm coming from Samsung m21, and I feel like the touch reponse of Nokia 5.4 is really laggy and while playing games like call of duty it becomes really frustrating.

Does any one face this, is this a hardware or software issue?



  • Seriously guys no one thinks there is touch latency problem with Nokia 5.4, anyone?

  • vext01
    vext01 ✭✭

    Same here.

    I have the "draw taps" setting enabled and during that time the phone thinks you are holding your finger at the last place that you touched before the freeze.

  • Mosess
    Mosess ✭✭

    Coming from huawei nova unresponsive touch to me..perfect

  • Same experience here...

  • ManuP
    ManuP ✭✭

    My Nokia 5.4 continuously lag for 2-10 seconds. What should I have to say, not any preloaded/installed apps, settings, timings, places lag free.

    When phone is locked or switched off then no lag/hanging/freeze issue.

  • Yup, it's happening in my phone too don't why, sometimes screen just stops responding altogether. Has anyone found any solution?

  • My device **** freezed for straight 2 hours 20-25 days ago totally blank after that it seriously lagging as **** give me my money back and take your phone it was worst mistake to trust you ****!

  • My phone freeze more long time than 10 seconds. Sometimes resetting, sometimes "interface of system have a prodlems"... Don't know what to do

  • Yes it becomes unresponsive

  • A bit of info guys. I just dropped my 5.4 into a rock with screen first while having an afternoon walk. The screen are cracked. But not the LCD, so it's still functioning.

    Guess what, the touch lag are nowhere to be seen. So is it possible that it's hardware failure instead of software?

  • hahaha, we can finally mark this issue resolved.

    It's definitely something related to hardware but my guess is that the LCD screen itself is of poor quality.

    For example- there is a huge delay in screen lighting up even after recognizing your fingerprint. And, I am comparing the performance with Nokia (6.1) phone that I have.

    In my opinion, it is just a poor quality display and I don't know devs at Nokia can roll out a software fix for it. I mean if they could have, they would have.

  • All I can say is its cheap qaulity phone, NO APP(EVEN BASIC CALLER APP) HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY NOKIA, (not really it's"HMD GLOABAL")..Since all are third party apps which don't respond well in the real time, I dint realize even after blowing 15k , manufacturer is not giving basic apps, all are downloaded from playstore..Having touch lag problem after a year use...many typing errors due to this.