[Merged] Mobile Cellular Network issues after Android 11 upgrade in Nokia 2.4



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    Connection problem.please help

  • Mona K
    Mona K ✭✭

    Lol it's will be almost a month and this problem is still not fixed yet. Anyone got it resolved?

  • Nokia 2.4 , April 5th updated software after that mobile network issue, customer service not provide solutions for this issue,

    Please do the needful,

  • I am facing the same issue. It's been more than a month now. Still "no service" on either of my Jio or Vodafone sim since the Android 11 update. And chatting with Nokia support hasn't yielded any results. Tried everything from network to factory reset, every one of the 11 or so points that the chat support person said to do, and still no results. It is so frustrating to have no network and Nokia doesn't seem to care. When is Nokia going to come up with an update to rectify this issue? WHEN???

  • your issue is resolved or not?

    me facing same problem with VI.

  • Lawrence JB
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    Throw the phone right at their face and ask for a full refund.

    They cannot fool around again.

    I still wonder what was there a need to release a half baked A11 update so soon for Nokia 2.4.

    Nokia 5.3 released in April 2020 is still on A10.

  • I Might have found the solution

    1. Once u have done the android update
    2. Then go the security udpdate - it seems that when the andriod update happens the secruity update isnt happening automatically
    3. Do the security update
    4. Once done remove SIM , reinsert and re start phone
    5. Check - everything should be normal , if not try a rest of wifi , network settings and restart phone again

    let me know if this works and it worked for me perfectly

  • No network in my nokia 2.4 please help

  • After updating my Nokia 2.4 to Android 11 there is no cellular network coverage. Can't call, can't message. Is Nokia working on fixing this bug? It's been months when can we expect a fix.

  • as per my knowledge nokia 2.4 mobile network problem after new update is solved now,

    plz visit nearest service location , they definitly fix it,, i am already done

  • After an upgrade to Android 11 on my Nokia 2.4 

    Network issue

  • Mona K
    Mona K ✭✭

    Hello All, I updated my phone today with a recent system update and now my Airtel sim Is showing mobile network and all data services working as well. This took so long to get resolved I'd say. Lol