"MAC-Bug": First Problems with Android 11: WiFi-MAC changes even if "Use Device MAC" is chosen

Hey, Germany finally got Android 11. And here is the first problematic thing:

"MAC-Bug": First Problems with Android 11: WiFi-MAC changes even if "Use Device MAC" is chosen

Moshammer Moshammer
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Germany finally got Android 11. And here is the first problematic thing:

The WiFi-MAC changes randomly even if you choose "Use Device MAC" in the settings for the specific WiFi.

This is a big problem for me, as my HomeWifi is secured by WPA3 and MAC-Control. So, even if I got the right Pwd, the sent random MAC doesn't match the MAC expected from the WiFi Router. -> No access.

I already checked the "developer" settings; the "advanced Wifi-MAC-randomizing" (Don't know the exact english discription) is switched off.

Does anyone have a workaround on that topic? Else I would name it "MAC-Bug" and hope it will be solved soon...


  • Moshammer Moshammer
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    I did a full factory Reset today. The problem is not solved with that. MAC is still randomizing in fix MAC Mode.

    This is getting really annoying as even if I switch off MAC Check in my WiFi Router, my router is running out of IP addresses: with every new MAC the phone gets a new IP.

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    Just upgraded one of the two nokias 2.2 to android 11 (uninstall everything, change sdcard to external, upgrade, reset, add sd card as internal - this seems to do the sd card issue strick even if we found out some apps or games crash often -, so that all would be fresh).

    And now I have testing the wifi issues and found out that the wifi setting is respected (if you change the wifi from the default randomization to use the device mac address it sticks) BUT untill a next reboot is done! I found out that at every reboot of the device the device is now changing its physical mac address (I just saw it changing the 4th block, going from a xx-xx-xx-8c-xx-xx to a xx-xx-xx-b0-xx-xx).

    This is not a wifi issue setting but something way even worst, it is now changing the mac address at every reboot! Damn nokia, this is a major and very nasty issue!

    I even tried , in the developer settings, enable and disable the enhanced randomize mac addresses, but this changes nothing. A lot of apps and settings in all Nokia that upgraded to android 11 (nokia 4.2 also has similar issues) seem to not be saved or are lost, I am sure this is one of them, but since this is at system core level is a very nasty one indeed.

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    3 reboots, 3 different mac addresses, wifi not randomized!




    Com on Nokia, this is a nasty bug!

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    In android 10, the device would report itself to the router as "HM Global Oy" and now it reports itself as "InPro Comm", something weirdo changed here, very nasty, this is breaking havoc with my router.


  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    So, I have two different behaviours on two same nokia 2.2:

    • On both I ejected the sdcard before any upgrades to ensure no issues with it afterwards and uninstalled any non-default apps;
    • On one I then upgraded to android 11, then reset it (no restore, all setup fresh), setup basic stuff, add sdcard as internal, reinstalled the apps, and this one has the "InPro Comm" issue where it keeps changing the mac address even if setup to not do it, tried all possible changes/combinations, nothing seems to solve it;
    • Another I then upgraded to android 11, but no reset was done, I added the sdcard as internal, reinstalled the apps, this one, so far, shows no changing mac addresses (and since I name the devices on my wifi router, don't know how this one reports itself, if "InPro Comm" or "HMD Global Oy");
    • On both, Bluetooth is not very stable and both are as slow as android 10, I was hoping a tiny bit of speed increase and stability on android 11 but saw nothing of that.

    So, it seems that a reset causes more issues than solves them? Are you paying attention to this NOKIA ?

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    Update: I updated my router and now I could select the network encryption so the default is now WPA2 (and not WPA/WPA2), so I forget and recreated the wifi on the nokia 2.2 with that nasty randomization "bug", wifi using fixed mac address and this seems to have fixed it, running for almost a week and it always reports itself correctly. Probably an issue with WPA o nandroid11 with reset devices?

    The Bluetooth with the car is still buggy however...

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    Nope, the phone just appeared again as "InPro Comm" with a different mac address, so the issue is definetely not fixed, and resides on the nokia 2.2 software - surprise, surprise... crappy software and phone company.

  • ritzar ritzar
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    Randomised MAC address exists for additional security. Current Android One version in Nokia phones do not allow for this feature to be disconnected.

     Whenever a device connects to a network it will select a random MAC address in order to connect. However, once connected to a particular network, the MAC address of the phone will always be the same for that network (unless network parameters don't change, e.g. Different SSID etc.)

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    No, I have two nokia 2.2, one upgraded with reset that has the issue; another upgraded without reset that has no issue. I also have a nokia 4.2 upgraded without reset that has no such issues. By default the randomization is used but when you select to use fixed mac address on a specific wifi it should stick, and it does not, keeps doing randomization even when I configure it to not do it so. This is not a feature, this is a nasty BUG.

    And this is my wifi, my router (not ISP), my devices, I only allow them to connect with fixed mac addresses so that they have always the same IPs and to be known to all other devices at home and under my control, I don't care on other wifi's elsewhere.

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    Well, my kid broke his nokia 2.2, my daughter had a 5 years old samsung j5 (2016, still ok even if outdated] and my wife is fed up with his nokia 2.2 being too slow and with major issues with the car Bluetooth and very slow android auto.

    So I bought 3 samsung A22 for them, maybe one of these days I play with the remaining nokia 2.2 by unlocking it and install a decent android on it, if any exists, but this is my last post, NOKIA NO MORE.

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    FUC*NG NOKIA, as soon you reset the device the mac randomization at boot appears. This is DEVELOPMENT INCOMPETENCE, the /data/... was kept when the upgrade was done without reset and the mac address data on it was kept and all worked fine, devices reported as "HM Global Oy" with a fixed mac address all the time. With a reset, this is not longer populated or fails to get populated, and the device now reposts as "InPro Comm" and, on each reboot, the device will generate another mac address EVERTIME -- THIS IS NOT HOW ANDROID 10+ IS SUPPOSED TO WORK YOU MORONS!

    The software support is ending soon and you will leave a lot of people with crippled mobiles, with way too much lag, with disk space issues and with so very nasty bugs, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED, this will kill you in the end, nobody else trusts your devices anymore.

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