The future of Android One

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The future of Android One

Vasilis Kos. Vasilis Kos.
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  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Nice read. The end of Android One will be the best thing that will happen to the Android world in a while.

    Let's see if it becomes real 😅

    HMD is the lone supporter of the program anyways. In case hmd gives up, Android One is dead anyways 😂

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    It's high time HMD gives up with Android One program, nothing is exciting now as the way it had all started.

    A11 upgrade got delayed when most of the manufacturers already upgraded their phones.

    Monthly security patches never comes on time.

    It's just false marketing that's all.

    Now most of the manufacturers provide updates on time.

    Only blind supporters will still buy and use Nokia phones from HMD now.

  • Muvi Muvi
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    After reading the article, I see 2 different views on it.

    1. Google known for its destructive activities might think Android one is not doing great for this time and only one brand is having software developed by Google. So they eventually discard and create it's own lineups for budget devices.

    2. With Nokia the lone Android one supporter collaborate with Google to revive Nexus lineups or "b" lineup for Google. As the main problem for Google is their hardware. Imagine Google's software paired up with Zeiss optics of Nokia devices.

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