Android 11 roadmap for Nokia phones



  • They even released June update for my 3.4 just yesterday

  • This is what happens when HMD doesn't pay the A11 Devs in time for the existing devices.

  • why isnt the

    nokia 8v 5G on this list?

  • RadDan
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    Hi I just wanted to ask the community if anyone knows any other way to get the android 11 update. Because if we wait for Nokia to release it I'll be to old and I won't be able to use my phone because I'll have arthritis in my fingers

  • Muvi
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    I think Nokia has plans to create it's own UI as the competition. That's the reason why they are not even updating security patches. We know the swiftness in delivering updates from Nokia. It's definite that something is going on.

  • Lawrence JB
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    HMD needs to inform this officially. They cannot just release fake roadmaps with no intention to really work on the updates. This will do more harm than good.

  • singhnsk
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    They cannot do such a thing on an Android One branded device. So, these old devices will have to continue with the same format. And the delays aren't because they are trying for a new UI.

  • JAVA
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  • singhnsk
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    That rumor is far from anything that I'll even try to believe. Anyhow, Huawei has denied any such developments already.

  • Muvi
    Muvi ✭✭

    What I meant was they maybe working on for a UI unofficially like in R&D stages. Because we all know that Nokia had very excellent track record in terms of updates. But the situation prevailing seems to be unbelievable. That's how I got to that conclusion. There might be something going on with Nokia.

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭

    See current devices will remain Android one and they are bound to give the updates regularly. This is the whole point of Android One, right.

    You are talking about future devices which we can only dream at this stage. It doesn't mean they are busy with future devices and forgot about the current ones.

    There are a lot of speculations going on in the air with regards to the delays.

    1. Nokia not a part of Android 11 developer program.

    2. Financial dispute with ODM's.

    3. Bug free experience.

    4. Internal dispute with the developers.

  • user1539581515480
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    edited July 2021

    Correctly said, if they are struggling with bare bones android I mean there is no customisation option available like pixel devices then how can we trust they will update with their own UI. They are not apple or Samsung, they don't have huge amount of money to spend on RND,

    Since I've been cheated 3 times, nokia 5.3 will be my last phone from nokia.

    Even if they release a great phone which I highly doubt, I will never come back to nokia.

    Also if they are struggling to update from android 10 to android 11 which has few changes. Then how can we believe they can update their devices to android 12 which is a huge update in years before google releases android 14 😂😂😂.

    After this little fiasco, never trusting nokia again.

    They lost their reputation.

    And they don't even bother to give us explanation regarding the delays.

    It seems like nokia is taking their loyal customers and long term fans for granted.

    I'm already looking for alternatives, and the truth is everything seems way better than nokia😂😂😂😂.

    Nokia sucks

  • praveenp
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    If you are being sarcastic with these words "Because we all know that Nokia had very excellent track record in terms of updates."... They it's fine... 😂

    But if you are stating a fact by using these words... Then I think you are either an imposter 🤣 who had actually never used any Nokia (HMD Global) device... Or high on something... 🤣

    In my 3 years of usage of Nokia, never had I received an update on time... I repeat... NEVER... Moreover, my Nokia 7 Plus's last official update is of April 2021 on the official Nokia website... But it's July now, and still it is on March 2021, and they didn't even cared about addressing this officially.

    And the thing you talked about R&D... Everyone knows how much 🤞so-called R&D🤞 HMD does... When the developers can't even thoroughly test an update and then release it with infinite number of bugs, I seriously doubt their "R&D capabilities".

    One has to agree to the fact that HMD is doing a self goal by not going with their own promises and commitments. And this is surely going to hamper the sales and survival of the brand. Even loyal Nokia fans are now getting disappointed with the attitude.

    On the forums of other brands, officials actually listen and interact with members (consumers) and take feedback... But I'm sorry to say, here it is ZERO. Officials associated with HMD just come and post a thread and go back. No more activity.

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭

    See, I completely agree with you.

    Nokia started off in 2017 with only 4 devices.

    I had used Nokia 5 & Nokia 6, the only two phone models from HMD so far which have an excellent track record of getting updates regularly, sometimes even before pixel devices. I was very happy with them that I continued using and buying their newer phones. They were never Android one devices but close to stock Android OS devices.

    In 2018 Nokia joined the Android One program, since then I've never seen any of their devices getting updates on time. It's always delayed and even then they are proud of joining Android One program.

    It's still a mystery that they are continuing with Android One program which looks like even Google has abandoned.

  • herrd
    herrd ✭✭

    Wasn't expecting this, but welp!

  • What device is this, cause nokia 5.3 only received 11MB security update this month🤔🤔🤔

  • HMD seems to be in a spot of trouble. The reports about their underwhelming performance in various markets keep piling up and they seem to respond to this with an aggressive release schedule, but that is unfortunately way beyond their capacity to actually support all the phones they are selling. With the repeated falls promises about updates you can see clearly which customers they are willing to throw under the bus so to speak. The lesson from this is to move on and never buy a HMD product ever again.

  • Wow! What's your region? Just checked the updates, but still have nothing, (I bought my 5.4 in Russia)

  • I am waiting for Android 11 experience in my Nokia 5.3. I hope I will get it soon.

  • herrd
    herrd ✭✭

    Region is Nigeria, I'm a Russian student so, I sometimes change my System Language to Russian🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️

  • herrd
    herrd ✭✭

    After installing Google Play system update, phone restarts and reverts to February 1, 2021. What's wrong?

  • JAVA
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    Trust me guys you don't want a Android 11 on your Nokia devices via OTA.. it's just bring more bugs