Android 11: wifi network marked "saved" and won't connect automatically

Just like it says on the discussion title.

Android 11: wifi network marked "saved" and won't connect automatically

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Just like it says on the discussion title.

My phone was upgraded to Android 11 last week and, since then, it will not automatically connect to my Wifi networks (I have two separate access points with different SSIDs).

A typical scenario is when I get back home: the stays connected to mobile data and won't connect automatically to my Wifi network. If I look in the Wifi network list, I see my SSIDs marked "saved" but the phone is seemingly ignoring them.

All was well with wifi access using Android 10.

I have tried re-adding the wifi details ("forgetting" the network and then adding it back). I have also reset the network settings. I have not yet done was to do a full factory reset because it's a major pain and without a guarantee it will do anything, I just don't to go through setting all up again.

This phone was my first Nokia after my good, old N95. The 4.2 hardware is fine for what I need but the software qualify is pretty horrible. Very disappointed.


  • Tyfomir Tyfomir
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    The same here. You may be right. It seems that this problem was introduced with A11. The other Nokia (3.4 with A10) has no problems with reconnecting to the same network.

    Is your network in WPA3 (or WPA2/WPA3) mode?

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  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    Same here, WPA/WPA2 and with android 11 (on 10 worked perfectly, even if with BT enabled the speed dropped to an appalling 10% of the usual speed) the damn phone does not auto-connect anymore (shows wifi enabled but my network shows as "saved", and I also have the auto-connect enabled. It seem wifi on nokias is disregarding completely the settings (nokia 2.2 also seems to have mac randomization issues; here it is the auto-connect).

    I hope nokia is paying attention to these threads, because, again, we are full of issues and just shows, again, their lack of testing newer versions. Android one has been a joke up to now, not up to the expectations, sad realization that we need to move to another brand/version to get decent software...

  • Tyfomir Tyfomir
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    As far as decent software is concerned, our choice is very limited.

  • Walter Sparbier Walter Sparbier
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    I found this thread because I have just the same problem. Even when at home, over time it looses the Wifi and then stays on mobile data. :-(

    Is anyone from Nokia listening in here?

  • Tyfomir Tyfomir
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    If anyone gives a damn about comments here is yet to be discovered. I believe that we may be disappointed.

  • Anil99 Anil99
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    Anyone gets HD streaming in nokia 4.2

    No HD streaming in my nokia 4.2

  • StuLgaR StuLgaR

    Same problem here. Found a possible work around:

    "try turn off this setting

    Settings > Location > Google Location Accuracy Off"

    Please test and leave feedback. Best whishes!

    Reference: Solved: S20 Ultra WiFi issues with Android 11 - Samsung Community - 1604719

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    Turning the "Google Location Accuracy" off solved nothing, the nokia 4.2 has not the same issue as that particular samsung.

  • WalterNL WalterNL
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    Same problem here.

    Was a nice update.. lost all my media stored on my SD card incl photos and videos and now my phone refuses to connect automatically to my wifi.

    My other phone (Sony) with android 11 has no issues so it's not likely to be the wifi.

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    You should rant in the nokia 8.1 forun, sadly here we only rant for the nokia 4.2.

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    I tried everything and I still do not understand what triggers this since I tried all possible combinations (with BT on or off, with mobile data on or off, ...). Basically on each 5 times I come back home, on 4 of them it does not auto-connect and I have to disable/enable the wifi to get it connected. But when it is connected it is fine, it does not disconnect anymore (until next time I leave home).

  • Johannes Rehm Johannes Rehm
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    Is there any update or any feedback on this issue?

    It actually cost me a lot of money, because I assume that I am connected to my WiFi at home but actually I am using mobile data till I get a message from my mobile provider that I used 80% of my data.

    If there is no update, I guess I have to throw away the phone as it will be cheaper to buy a new one than constantly paying for new mobile data.

  • bmwiedemann bmwiedemann
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    I have the same problem on my Nokia 4.2

    However indicates that it was also a problem for several other phones.

    There was also this new feature to decide which networks to auto-connect but it is already on by default.

  • Emissary Emissary
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    Has anyone found a workaround for this problem? Or has somebody get a clue from Nokia/HMD if this will be fixed soon? My fathers 4.2 has this exact problem since the 11-Update and now is mostly unusable for him

  • This bug makes this phone unusable now since more than 5 months and it seems like no one cares at Nokia.

  • I have just come across this problem as well, what on earth is going on, come on Nokia & Android this is the 2nd bug that makes this phone a pain in the backside (Bluetooth connection problem to car).

    We need answers and timings of when these will be addressed.

    Very annoyed😡

  • Same here with Nokia 1.3

    Solved by factory reset (volume down + start button)

  • Solving WiFi instability

    1.      Set Wifi autoconnect to off, i.e. to be certain that it worked with you

    2.      Power off

    3.      Keep pressing Volume down and press power on until faint click

    4.      Wait

    5.      Choose “recovery mode” with volume key

    6.      Select with power key

    7.      Wait, wait, wait until Nokia active

    8.      Goto Wifi stations

    9.      Connect to desired Wifi

    10.  Wifi can switch on/off 2 or 3 times but must be stable afterwards

    11.  Full procedure must sometimes be repeated after several days (apparently some Wifi connections disturb the Android Wifi routine)

  • Some asked for more details.

    Phone Nokia 1.3 TA 1205 Android 11

    Name : Drax

    Version : QRD eMMC

  • skylence skylence
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    Does anyone try this app to avoid WiFi problem?

    WiFi Automatic - Google Play 應用程式

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    The MR just come (with december SP) and while the save of radio fm settings is now being done, the wifi issue is still there...

  • DaveTiffTaylor DaveTiffTaylor
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    Anyone found an App that will auto Connect to Wi-Fi?

    Seem to be a lot that are for Wi-Fi battery saving by disconnecting.

    Looking for one to solve this Nokia bug.

    I have emailed Nokia to ask if this will ever be fixed, We wont be getting Android 12 as the phone is too old.

    Bloody annoying, been searching for a way to get make to Android 10, but no luck. Found a ROM image but it fails during verifying.

    Re Dave

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    Samsung never allows such bugs to exist for so long, and I know no Samsung mobile device that reached end of software support in such a bad shape (the Nokia 2.2 is soooo bad nowadays that is completely useless and has not reached the 3 years of support yet!), we are all moving to Samsung (and now it offers 3+ years of support), nobody else I know (including the company I work for) will ever buy Nokia anymore, I will make sure of that.

  • Hi

    Found this app which works well, cures the problem with Nokia Bug

    Regards, Dave

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    We should not need an app to correct a bug that Nokia should fix.

    Use phone code *#*#4636#*# * and this opens a test hidden page, if you use the Wifi information and then the Wi-Fi config, you will see that all wifi connections have a "auto connection enabled: false", even if you have it enabled, this means that this setting is not being saved at all (like what we had with the FM radio, that the settings were not being saved and everytime you opened it, was like starting it for the first time).

    So, a major bug and an incompetence of Nokia for not having it solved, for what now, 10 months?!

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    Although not all the time, I have been noticing the same issue on my Nokia 5.3.

  • rob02 rob02

    It'll be a different phone next time, I contacted Nokia and they didn't seem to know. After a period of years out of the market you'd think that they'd be on their toes...

  • DaveTiffTaylor DaveTiffTaylor
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    Finally given up with the Nokia 4.2, such a shame that Nokia dont care about customer problems. I have bought a Redmi Note 11, £178.00.

    Although not vanilla Android (which is what I wanted) unlike Samsung's you can uninstall all the unwanted apps.

    Phone works really well, including the finger print sensor which is on the On/Off button. Bluetooth Audio connects to my car and so does the wi-fi when I get home, (NOKIA that's all I wanted you to Fix)

    Regards Dave

  • Tyfomir Tyfomir
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    **** you, Nokia.

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