How to #LevelUpYourLens – Mobile Photography Tips

Hi All, Welcome to the first of our Tips & Tricks series.

How to #LevelUpYourLens – Mobile Photography Tips

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Hi All,

Welcome to the first of our Tips & Tricks series. Over the coming weeks and months we will be posting lots of Tips & Tricks to help you get the most out of your devices. It would be great to hear what your best Tip's & Tricks are and what types of Tip's & Tricks you would like to get more of!

Anyway - first up #LevelUpYourLens


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Nokia phones are the go-to device when taking high-quality photos and videos. As such, we are all now able to get sharp, stunning images all from the same device that we make calls on and scroll through our social feeds... 

Here are a few tips that will help you #LevelUpYourLens when it comes to mobile photography. 

Before you start

One of the most important aspects of mobile photography is great lighting, or as the experts would call it, exposure. Having your subject correctly exposed or well-lit allows you to showcase your subject and its details, as well as giving you a chance to play with shadows and shapes.

  Photo by hasib_mridha  Photo by reginasiven 

We also recommend keeping your lens clean. The tips above don’t mean anything if your lens is covered in smudges or dust. Use a microfiber cloth to pick up any unwanted dust, allowing you to make the most of your camera.

Simple effects for a higher-quality photo

Want to achieve that dream background look? Shoot with the Portait mode and edit your photos in our Portrait Editor to try out a whole range of different blurring effects. 

Check out this post where we explained how Portrait Mode on the #Nokia3dot4 works and how it helps when taking professional-looking photos. By using this feature, you will be able to achieve a shallower depth of field, creating more contrast between your subject and your background.

Photo by ogar_parmar_photography

Edit your photos

If you want to add a personal touch to your photos, try out one of the many easy editing apps for your phone like Google Photos and Snapseed or use the in-built effects your Nokia device provides. 

By using one of these apps you’ll be able to edit you photos in various ways that affect the colour, contrast and exposure of your images.

Photo by shivakaluse

If you follow these tips, we’re sure that you’ll be able to capture some amazing photos and videos that you can share with us using the hashtag #ShotOnNokia. We can’t wait to see them!

Have you got tips to elevate photography to the next level? Share them in the comments below...


  • Bharath KB Bharath KB
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    Shot on My beast Nokia 5.1 Plus.

    After a long time entering the community makes me to feel something new with new refreshed UI.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi @rt social marketing, thank you for the great tips and I will look forward to more from you over the coming months as you promised.

    I'll start off my list of possible content recommendations by recommending to kindly alter your display name to something more humane or interactive. In its current form, it seems to be talking to a bot or a corporate with 1-way communication only. Like a 3rd party stream of information. Maybe just name yourself rt? Or are there legal requirements to make this disclosure? I'll also cc this to Mr. @dipankar paul if he is around.

    For the tips and tricks that you'd like to cover, there isn't much for me to suggest as of now, primarily because there isn't much that can be altered with the limited nature of Android One software. With that aside, I think only creative tips related to photography can be covered as is the case with this post.

    Here's still a challenge for you, just in case that leads further to internal discussions/suggestions to make it somehow happen. Or else maybe you can find a solution already? 🙃

    Situation: I am a long-term Nokia user (or let's say I am using a non-Nokia phone). I want to buy a Nokia and I want to do the least possible effort of migrating my photos, videos, apps, SMS, phone call logs, and other associated data to my brand new Nokia smartphone. What are some of the best tips that you can provide to me in this case?

    The question remains the same if I keep my original stance i.e. I own a Nokia phone and I want to upgrade to a brand new Nokia phone. This is a condition for a large section of the users i.e. they want to upgrade to a phone in the most seamless way possible. Recently experienced an iPhone and the data migration process is amazing. It essentially clones everything from an old iPhone to a new one that the only thing that changes is the device physically.

    And I believe that'd have given an idea already: call me a power-user and I will like tips to cover areas like the aforementioned - that explore ways of making smartphone usage and maintenance easier.

    Another situation: I am working from home and I'd prefer to use my PC to check my phone's notifications and also possibly take calls. Even more, I want to exchange some data with my PC and my phone. A lot of this is possible with the "Your Phone" app on Windows 10. Maybe there are more choices?

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    Nice tips...and these really do work 👍

    Thanks for featuring my Nokia shot🙏

  • pushp kumar pushp kumar
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    Potrait mode of Nokia 5.1 plus

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