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I think it will be on the last minute of 3rd quarter which mean early minutes of 4th Quarter by HMD's Clock of this year?

Android 12 Developer Preview


  • Arcturus Archie Arcturus Archie
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    I think it will be on the last minute of 3rd quarter which mean early minutes of 4th Quarter by HMD's Clock of this year? Like the upgrade of the 5.3 to A11 in Last Minutes of 2nd Quarter of this year.

  • Makay Chapulets Makay Chapulets
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    I can bet the preview will be available to test by Q2 2022

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    It seems hmd only pulled this stunt to get some marketing and sales. And I'm sorry for any developers that actually bought the Nokia X20 for testing their apps on Android 12.

    I hate that hmd passes some information and then disappears. Like if they aren't able to offer the preview, then why commit? And they give away vague terms. 2H of the year has no meaning. That's a 6-month long period. But when they say "from", it should be somewhere close to the start and definitely not beyond mid to the end.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Thank you. I got to know of this a short while before your tag xD

  • juuk juuk
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    What's going on with the device not receiving the OTA after successfully registering to the program?

    I got the X20 only for testing work with A12 last Sunday. Everything goes fine as described on but this step never happens.

    "After you request the update, we'll push the build to you within 12 hours and you'll get a notification on your device when the build is ready to install.

    Alternatively, if you want to try and get the build sooner, wait about 20 minutes after requesting the build (so we can get the build synched with your IMEI) and then try a manual push request from Settings > About Phone > System Updates."

    Nothing after 20 minutes, 12 hours, or even 108 hours.

    Tried everything for troubleshooting; clearing relevant apps and their caches *#*#checkin#*# on dialer, safe mode, different email accounts on My Phone, even factory resets. Contacted Nokia Support and they can only parrot those same easy-to-google suggestions that I told them have been tested. No word on what's going on at their end or the people responsible for the preview program to solve the issue.

    Is the available to download manually? Would save a lot of time to just flash that.

  • jarnos111 jarnos111
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    Nokia/HMD Global is close to preparing the official Android 12 upgrade build for Nokia X20 since they are closing the registration for new developer preview users.

    They added this information on the Nokia phones Android™ 12 developer preview program site (link:

    For now we just have to stay tuned to our regional media channels for news of the release schedule. Hopefully we'll get one soon.

  • long xuyen long xuyen
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    I really couldn't care less about Developer releases. They're only a step in the chain. The main game is a general release, so when will that happen? Until then I see no cause for excitement.

  • Adebayo Arasi Adebayo Arasi
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    I am still running Android Developer software on my Nokia X20, It's full of bugs, unable to download the latest security update that was released for X20. Google play store is outdated. And now Nokia has stopped the ADP, no way to roll back to Android 11. Please Nokia, if we can't get the final release of A12 on X20 this very year, at least let's download the latest security update. You guys are full of making promises when it comes to software update, please consider those that are stuck with Android 12 developer preview.

  • hamiiiiiiiid hamiiiiiiiid
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    While we Nokia 7.2 users are still waiting for a bug-free update from Android 11, seeing this news is like sprinkling salt on our wounds!

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