Games suddenly closing after Android 11 update

After my phone (Nokia 2.2) got updated to Android 11,I have noticed that every time I would enter a game on my phone,after some time,the respective game just suddenly closes by itself,without showing any message or something that would indicate that it simply crashed. Plus,for some reason,this issue only happens to games and to any game that I play or install. I tried formatting my SD card,clearing data and cache,force stopping games,updating apps everytime,reinstalled Android Web View,reseting app preferences,even did a factory reset,and I'm sure I have enough space on my phone for games,even after receiving a system update,still no change. Any other suggestions?


  • If they are closing all of sudden , either you might be playing in High Graphics Setting (for Battle royale Games) or in-sufficient RAM availability which are the main cause for this issue.

    Depend upon the RAM availability and chipset capacity ,it's better to change the graphics / quality settings to LOW and see whether it can help .

    There are some settings in developer option which can control RAM usage but these are not recommended since they might cause some apps not to function well

    • Settings>System>Developer Settings>Background Process>Set as "Atmost 4 Process"
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    This usually occurs when your Wi-Fi or cellular data is slow or unstable, and apps tend to malfunction. Another reason for Android apps crashing problem is the lack of storage space in your device. This occurs when you overload your device's internal memory with heavy apps as well.

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    The games I play don't have settings for graphics,never had this problem with them

  • I'm playing Dragon city and it's not affected

  • Can I use GBA Emulators on Nokia Android smartphone? Any help will be appreciated.

  • Can I use GBA Emulators on Nokia Android smartphone?

  • I downloaded to play and no problem

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    Thanks for replying. Already I found a solution ( after searching on Google yesterday.

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    I seem to have sorted the google problem after removing the Webview update and following the steps,

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    This person is playing the game off of an external storage media. Chances are, the device itself or the media couldn't buffer I/O as quickly as the game itself demands it, therefore the game crashed and Android auto closed the game without warning. You shouldn't be playing games from your external storage media in the first place.

  • I have faced the same problem and I'm now started watching movies on

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    i was aware of that problem, i found it at:

  • I've had the same problem and I'm starting to see it now

  • This commonly happens when your Wi-Fi or cellular data is slow or inconsistent, and apps fail. Another cause of Android app crashes is a shortage of storage space on your smartphone. This happens when you overburden your device's internal memory with heavy programmes.

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    The problem is that some games will not be compatible with the model you are using.

  • Good ! I love your game.

  • The issue lies in the compatibility of certain games with the model you are currently using.

  • If you're experiencing sudden game closures after updating to Android 11, there are a few potential reasons for this issue. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

    1. Clear app cache and data: Go to Settings > Apps > [Game Name] and tap on "Clear cache" and "Clear data." This will reset the app and may resolve any conflicts caused by the update.
    2. Update the game: Check if there is an update available for the game in the Google Play Store. Developers often release updates to address compatibility issues with new Android versions.
    3. Update the operating system: Ensure that your device is running the latest version of Android 11. Sometimes, subsequent updates may include bug fixes and improvements that can address app crashing issues.
    4. Reinstall the game: Uninstall the game from your device and reinstall it from the Google Play Store. This can help resolve any corrupt installation files or conflicts that may have occurred during the update process.
    5. Check for known issues: Search online forums or the game's official website to see if other users have reported similar issues after updating to Android 11. If so, there might be a known issue with the game, and the developers may be working on a fix.
    6. Report the issue: If none of the above steps resolve the problem, consider reporting the issue to the game developer. They may be able to provide further assistance or investigate the problem for future updates.

    It's worth noting that game stability can also depend on various factors, such as device specifications, RAM availability, and other running apps. If the issue persists, it might be helpful to contact your device manufacturer's support team for further assistance.