Nokia 8.3 Browser won't open web page

Bought a Nokia 8.3 a month ago and still can't get it to open a web page in a browser (Chrome, Bing, Firefox) when connected via 2G/3G/4G or 5G. Works fine when on WiFi but when getting data via a mobile network I get err_ssl_protocol_error or similar telling me the page I am connecting to is not secure. At first I thought it was connected to the Webview issue but that has been updated several times and the problem persists. Non browser apps have limited connectivity - What's App will send messages but not images and I can receive messages but can't download images.

Is there a fix for this other than getting a different phone?


  • badger810
    badger810 ✭✭✭

    Have you tried backing up your data and then doing a factory reset to see if it sorts out the issues?

  • MarkJ
    MarkJ ✭✭

    Yes - didn't work.

    Tried a different SIM - didn't work.

    tried everything Nokia support have suggested - nothing works. latest advice is wait for the next update...

  • Which site are you visiting? It could be your mobile provider that's blocking your traffic?