Nokia 4.2: Nokia Stereo Earphones- tripple tap, previous song skip

GcRPatil ✭✭
edited May 2021 in General
The earphone manual says that triple tap on centre button shall take to previous song, but didn't work with the phone. If it is related to software side, can anyone please look into it?
Has anyone else have observed? 


  • Philip_05
    Philip_05 ✭✭✭

    What earphones model?

    In my earphones 2x click "-" button to previous track, 2x click "+" next track. Centre button 1x click Play/Pause or hold to Connect (pairing) device.

    I do not never meet with 3x tap centre button go to previous song.

  • I have multiple Bluetooth earbuds various brands and every single set will pair immediately connect and disconnect repeatedly as if being operated by a switch I contacted Nokia chat support they led me through three different processes and none of them are working do I need a specific type of Bluetooth compatibility?