Upper Mid-Ranger Needed

First I must say that I have been a Nokia fan since my first Nokia in 1997. I bought a new Nokia or 2 every year culminating in 2014 as Windows phone was clearly not being supported by Microsoft. I became a reluctant Android user after so many years of Symbian and Windows. I started with Samsung but in 2016 I became a Google Pixel fan and owned every single non XL Pixel including the Pixel 5. I broke my Pixel 5 recently and instead of throwing another $700 on a subpar device I decided to buy a Nokia due to Nostalgia and my love of the Dusk color on the Nokia 5.4. The 5.4 is about as big of a phone that I am comfortable using. I can tolerate the size as it is well rounded and has a solid feel in hand. My hope is that there will be a 5G phone coming out that will not be any larger that this phone. The X20 seems to be a little bigger and heavier. Also I really want to see a better chip-set. A Snapdragon 700 series with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage on such a device would be perfect. If Motorola Edge could sell for $499 with such specs you guys can do it too! I would gladly pay $499 for it today, I would take 3 for the family! The devices you sell in the US will not do well as nobody wants a non 5G phone and the average consumer will not be impressed with a Mediatek and/or lower mid-range Qualcomm processor. Load the shelves of such a phone at Amazon, B&HPhoto, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Costco, Sams Club, T-Mobile and Cricket wireless and you will have a winner on your hands imo. Not that difficult to do. Throw in a mini version with a 5.8 inch screen like on the Pixel 4a for $399 and you guys will finally get some market share. You are better than BLU and you can be bigger and better than Motorola with the right marketing push in my honest opinion. I hope someone in corporate especially in the US market reads this. Time is of the essence guys. Thanks for reading.


  • Tian Yi
    Tian Yi
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    I am a user in China. Quite agree with your opinion. X20 is too big and heavy. I guess 6 inch or 5.8 inch would be a sweet size and less than 180 gram would be very nice. Hope to see more good products of HMD in the future. I own multiple Nokia Android phones in the past few years. But none of them I was truly satisfied with. I love the Nokia 6 the best. But the CPU Snapdragon 430 was too weak. The X71 model was not practically cause it was too big and heavy as well. The C3 & C1 plus was weak too. The new C20 plus I have bought too. It is also weak. Hope to see more good product from HMD in the future. Really like the design and the clean system. Thanks.

  • I keep checking the Nokia website for an upper mid-range phone because I am so tired of Samsung. Happen to look at Community Feedback and BAM- this post has everything I'm looking for. My limit is 6" max with a 5.5-5.8" device preferred. My pockets are already breaking at this size. I can't imagine a 6+" device. Nokia was my jam back in the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 822 days. But, now I'm stuck looking at Sony or Google Pixel. Please come back to the US market at all tiers. You're dearly missed.