Nokia G20 and Nokia DT601

Fsnc12 ✭✭
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I plan to buy a Nokia G20.

Does this wireless charger work on it (Nokia DT601)?

Thank you.


  • Kartik Gada
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    Hi @Fsnc12

    The Nokia G20 doesn't support Wireless Charging so you won't be able to use the Nokia DT-601 to charge the phone.

  • Is it support carrier aggregation 4g+

  • wmb1969
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    I ordered NOKIA G20 and I had some trouble connecting to public wi-fi unlike my previous iPhone, so I wanted to return the phone, but NOKIA made it impossible for customers to return their products. They promised 15 days of free return but in fact, they make it impossible to do so.

    I really liked that they made a very nice affordable device that I purchased for $180 and it was tax and shipping free, that was awesome, but not returning the product as promised especially in the US market renders this entire business pointless.

    I really hope that NOKIA improves its customer service as I really like their products.