goodbye Nokia 8, welcome Nokia X20

Here I am, it's time to say goodbye to my Nokia 8 after 3 years and 8 months from its purchase, the battery was now taking me to the end of the day with too much difficulty.

I bought the Nokia X20 for 353 euros, good phone, it does not excel in anything particular but I find it a worthy replacement for my previous phone (I consider the Nokia 8.3, unfortunately, an old phone).

3 years of warranty and 3 years of software updates were the main factors for me to choose this model.

PS: there is no room for the X20 here on the Nokia forum, I wonder why ...


  • Awesome! I want to ask one thing though, does the Nokia X20 support LDAC for Bluetooth audio? I have a pair of Sony headphones that support this and would love to use it if this phone supports it.

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    I'm not sure, when I connect my Sennheiser HD4.50 over ear headphones that have compatibility with the aptX codex, and then entering the "developer" menu of the mobile phone, in the BT Audio codec section, the LDAC option is grayed out and this may mean that either it cannot be selected or these Sennheiser headphones doesn't support it.

    (the writings are in Italian, if something is not clear to you I can translate it for you)

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    Congrats on your brand new purchase @abecedario. How'd you compare the performance, since the 8 used a flasghship chipset and the X20 now is on one of the chips from the lower end of Qualcomm's offering.

  • abecedario
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    honestly, I feel good in terms of overall performance!

    the chipset benchmark, from what I have read in some web sites, is equal to and often higher than many Snapdragon 6xx and 7xx series.

    8gb of ram will also help, even with 20-30 applications open in background, I don't experience any slowdown, everything runs smoothly.

    I don't know how the phone reacts to videogames, I don't use them on smartphones.

  • Thanks for the screenshot, much appreciated. I believe that bottom text in the dialog is saying something along the lines of ‘greyed out codecs are not supported by the device or headphone’ (from what i’ve read on the internet), so unfortunately it’s still unclear whether this phone supports LDAC as the HD 4.50 maxes out with aptX. Nokia support hasn’t been helpful regarding this as well. If you’re reading this HMD, please put this information on your device specs sheet.

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    HMD seems totally absent on this forum, no one who has yet organized the rooms for the new models, moderators who don't know what happened to them...


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    Hi, @dipankar paul, if you are around, can we have the forum categories for the Nokia X20//X10?

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    This company looks derailed now.

    Everything is in a mess, whether it be OS upgrades, monthly security patch roll outs, organising the forums etc.

  • The XR20 supports LDAC. Woo hoo