Screen freeze problem

Screen freeze problem

Kunal Wankhede Kunal Wankhede
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  • RazzSahani RazzSahani
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    Screen not work properly while playing game.

    And many more issues in display such as - when i turn on dark mode after some time display gone lightly white in both side from top to bottom.

    It show the lightly previous app icon when i use any app for long time.i request to Nokia/Hmd team please fix it.

  • Eupyth Kurt Eupyth Kurt
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    For the screen freeze i suggest using tiny thing like a stick or our finger nail to remove dirt in a gap between screen and body, do it and you will see lot of dirty things. It will decrease the problem, not too good but it's a solution. i did it and using a controller with cooling fan when playing CODM, this screen freeze haven't appear for long time.

    For display issue, as RazzSahani said, i low down the brightness to lie to my self that that i can't see the it 😂 😂 😂

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