[#Campfire] Feedback Friday #2: What will make your new phone long-lasting?

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Hello everyone,

Results from the last poll showed that the most popular answer was that when considering buying your next phone, the single most important factor in making your decision is being able to keep your phone for three years

For this week, we’d like to understand what the best way to do that is. So, to follow up based on last week’s question, this week we’d like to know: 

When considering buying your next phone, what is the single most valuable factor in terms of keeping your phone for three years? 

Please select one from the list below.  

Tell us in the comments the thinking behind your choice, and stand a chance to be selected for our next Campfire!

[#Campfire] Feedback Friday #2: What will make your new phone long-lasting? 151 votes

Longer manufacturer warranty, covering all hardware and software defects
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Free screen replacement, covering every possible damage to your screen
Thomas Flowerchildphcr809Gowtham RTroy Cleveland 4 votes
Additional Android OS upgrade(s)
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Device testing, with proof of the highest standards of testing in the industry
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Device insurance, covering loss, theft, and personal fault
Arthur AmatusAKSHAYSA 2 votes
Others. You suggest!
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  • Device testing, with proof of the highest standards of testing in the industry

    In my opinion, hardware reliability is the most important factor, as even if the device is up-to-date software wise, a device would be unusable without functioning hardware (case in point: failing USB-C ports). More resources should be allocated in device testing to ensure that the hardware could stand the test of time.

    Of course, software updates are important as well, if device testing wasn't an option, I would have picked that instead, as security depends on these updates. Moreover, the more features we could get on existing devices, the longer we could keep them without feeling FOMO.

  • Lawrence JB
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Nice to read your earlier experiences which brought back lot of memories of Nokia. Until 2021, none of my Nokia phones had any problems that I had to go to the care center. Nokia 6.1 had battery problem so I got it replaced, Nokia 5.3 had screen retention issues and camera autofocus issues other than that there was no problems whatsoever.

    Would love to see X series in India but not expensive. I think 15-20k would be the best price.

  • Longer manufacturer warranty, covering all hardware and software defects

    Everyone wants to last a phone for a long time but unfortunately when a customer get stuck with defects, the first thing comes in mind i.e. manufacturer warranty in order to solve the issue without investing in it. That's why, on my priority, longer manufacturer warranty is necessary to consider while buying a new phone, covering all hardware and software defects to make the future of the device safe. It makes the relationship between a brand and customer even more stronger that it was.

  • Others. You suggest!

    I have used nokia 6.1 plus & Currently using nokia 5.1 plus.The phone is really working well since 2 years. As of my personal experience, nokia is far ahead in market in terms of quality & durability,the only improvement needed in parts like charging port, Power key & volume buttons & earpiece. These are the most commonly damaged parts as per me, if atleast these parts are covered with 3 years of warranty it will make my phone last longer.

  • pushp kumar
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    I had purchased my nokia 5.1 plus in 2018 with the android version 8. After few months I had received the android 9 version in December 2018, and at present it's running on android version 10 with latest security patch of may. The most lovable think about nokia mobile is the android one version. This makes the phone neet and clean, free from adds.

    So according to me Additional Android OS upgrade is the most considerable thing while buying a new phone.

  • JAVA
    JAVA ✭✭✭
    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Trust me you don't

  • gipo
    gipo ✭✭
    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Most important for me is longer OS support and updates.

    Nokia should also update 8.3 to A13 I think.

  • Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Os upgrades are definitely first thing I think when buying a phone,infact when I purchased my 8.1 it was android one which made me purchase it,I thought os upgrades will be quick and features from pixel devices will be added too.

    First update was fine but no extra pixel features,second update is horrible,still continuing no regular security patches no regular maintenance releases on time

    To be honest I don't find any current phone in nokia which can replace my 8.1 which is 2 years old which is a shame,all nokia phones in india have slow processors combined with 720p display which is a huge letdown.

  • JAVA
    JAVA ✭✭✭
    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Well Nokia phones is great when it came with os . Which came with the device. But after updates the original problem started just look two our 7.2 the device almost died because of the bug in Android 10.. they released with out proper testing.. same happened to 8.1 with Android 11... And so on. We don't needed regular updates if you keep bringing updates with bug.. only thing now nokia have is stock Android..

  • JAVA
    JAVA ✭✭✭
    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Why don't they try to bring 8.3 to india... Actually India is the only country nokia ignoring.. here we have one year warranty.. and additional one year warranty if you are willing to pay... But outside countries like UAE offering 3 years.. which is one year by Nokia. And 2 years warranty by others

  • JAVA
    JAVA ✭✭✭
    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Exactly what I wanted from Nokia. And we also need powerful hardware support like a AMOLED display . A bigger battery 🔋.. chipset like SD888 or 700 above..

  • joe367
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    Device testing, with proof of the highest standards of testing in the industry

    Testing can ensure user experience down the road better. Like the charging port issues that bugged many users long time ago, or how many charging cycles a battery would last. Such issues could be reduced by proper testing. From recent videos released, I think Nokia is doing good in that department. One doubt, device testing in the survey also includes software testing, right? It's not a great experience having a terrible bug in new update and having to wait for next update. Things like beta labs should be re-opened.

  • JAVA
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  • Longer manufacturer warranty, covering all hardware and software defects

    Longer warranty support on hardware and software will greatly influence the user's decision to keep his phone longer. With the support of a longer warranty will give the user's phone a chance to last a long time. But additional Android OS updates are also important anyway. ha ha ha

  • Vasilis Kos.
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Let's face it. Numbers talk. People rarely keep their phones for more than 1-2 years. The reason is not that their hardware is old or inadequate for evolving software. The reason is the need of customers for changes, and thus the need for an ever changing and evolving OS, and user environment. So, most users tend to change their phones, within a year after the last Android update they get, even if their hardware is still rocking.

    And that's the case for me too! Since I always buy phones with decent hardware (like mid-range ones), I always change them within a year after their last Android update. 😁

  • Longer manufacturer warranty, covering all hardware and software defects

    Longer warranty really makes people buy things, and I'm really happy that Nokia phones get regular security and major updates. One more thing want to add that Nokia should focus on releasing midrange smartphones, Nowadays noone is buying low budget smartphones. @dipankar paul

  • Free screen replacement, covering every possible damage to your screen

    It is usually quite problematic to replace screen since the majority of consumers are not aware of the right and authorized service centers. Thus, from my perspective the option that I've voted for can definitely attract many potential customers. Unfortunately, right now I ended up in this kind of situation with my Nokia 3.4

  • Longer manufacturer warranty, covering all hardware and software defects

    The main reason is, it's getting harder to repair your phone. If phones had replacement parts and easy replacement or upgrade instructions, the phones we buy will last longer. Many phone manufacturers tried the modular approach, maybe Nokia needs to look into this. If you need a new battery, screen, or better cameras, upgrade or replace it. Just like upgrading your laptop, maybe it's time to upgrade or phones, instead of buying new phones.

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