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Software updates are the most important thing for me because there are always new features that you naturally want to have on the old device.

[#Campfire] Feedback Friday #2: What will make your new phone long-lasting?


  • dorso dorso
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Software updates are the most important thing for me because there are always new features that you naturally want to have on the old device. But it is also very important that the new software runs smoothly on the device, often i have seen the opposite.

    It is also important that not only the security patches and firmware come, but also that new features flow into the camera app, for example.

    However, the hardware should also be chosen with care, because a lot will change in 3 years.

    A good processor and enough RAM are therefore also very important!

    Best regards.

  • Drinthehouse Drinthehouse
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    Others. You suggest!

    To me, in order to keep a device for 3 years, hardware made by Nokia is no

    longer an issue. Base Android software is also well supported by HMD global.

    What would really let me enjoy the device is continuous addition of newer software features to my device. When I got the Nokia 5.3 for example , I was tempted to get the 5.4 just to test the cinema mode. It would be nice if 5.3 camera gets the same update.This way, it will always feel fresh to use the phone and each update we could all look out for additional new feature brought into older devices . That would add value to the device.

    My humble opinion. Thank you.

  • MdSadique MdSadique
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    I wanted to tick two options and i believe those two are really important:- additional android os updates + device testing with proof of the highest standards of testing.

    I believe long guaranteed software updates are important but without the compromise in build quality of newer versions. Hence the testing should be really good and efficient yet quick. Hence nokia need high quality developers and in large numbers too

    One suggestion:- It's High time that nokia ditch android one and launch their own ui that will make nokia feel unique in experience and won't feel like a random android phone

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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Yes you are absolutely right.... Nokia 5.3 have a LED Notification feature in power button. Same time 5.4 does not have.. nokia need to get new features without killing any old features...

  • Valery_Ageev_41 Valery_Ageev_41
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    Others. You suggest!

    For me, the lack of a touch screen and the presence of a keyboard! Seriously! I would like an old school push-button smartphone with modern apps and services! It would be nice to see a qwerty-bar with the Nokia logo made of quality materials such as metal, quality plastic, rubberized coating, and a price of 200-300 euros! And I'm not against KaiOS! It's a good OS and can be a great solution if optimized properly!

  • Nokia user06 Nokia user06
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Translated to English (using Google Translator) per the forum rules:

    The most important factors when buying a phone is first of all the build quality and materials of the phone, the software support with constant updates, the power of the device, I would like it to last me at least 3 years so the more powerful it would be better it would behave with smartphones than future. I also consider the autonomy and photographic quality, the partnership with Zeiss should be exploited more intensely! Keep the circular camera design is much more attractive! As for the materials in the mid-range and top of the range I prefer not to use polycarbonate or plastic, I would like the materials of the old Nokia 7 plus, 7.2, 8.3 for example ... NOKIA SMARTPHONES WILL RETURN TO THE PODIUM ONLY IF THEY RESPECT ALL THIS. Come on you can do it 💙💪


    I fattori più importanti quando acquisto un telefono è prima di tutto la qualità costruttiva e i materiali del telefono, il supporto software con aggiornamenti costanti, la potenza del dispositivo, vorrei che mi durasse almeno 3 anni quindi più potente sarebbe meglio si comporterebbe con gli smartphone del futuro. Considero anche l'autonomia e la qualità fotografica, la partnership con Zeiss va sfruttata più intensamente! Mantenete il design delle fotocamere circolare è molto più attraente! Per quanto riguarda i materiali nella fascia media e top di gamma preferisco che non usiate policarbonato o plastica, vorrei i materiali dei vecchi Nokia 7 plus, 7.2, 8.3 ad esempio... 


    Forza potete farcela 💙💪

  • shunjoss shunjoss
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    Others. You suggest!

    Unlocked bootloader, longer warranty and OS support to keep it longer.

    Led notification, good experience with as little bug as possible.

    Up-to-date hardware + software.

    Solid phone + solid warranty.

    Good camera + cpu that can keep the long run xD

    When the phone is launched it needs to get latest update.

    The Nokia 5.4 is an interesting phone but it has Android 10 out-of-the-box when Android is 11 was there since around september.

    I like 5.4 design, I like the x71 design. With a higher screen-to-body ratio we can get a big screen with a yet compact phone.

    Actually, I just want my phone reliable, easy to use, uptime nearly 99%, compact yet big screen, solid, repairable, unlocked bootloader, bug free, quality hardware, practical. With a top of the line camera as I don't have a dslr most of the time on me.

    A remappable google button, in camera shutter.

    A Nokia chin to be thinner, to make place for a little more compact phone (higher screen-to-body ratio).

    Also, I personnaly do not like earbuds so please let me choose a bundle with nokia headphone instead ! Lol

  • KingsfanYme KingsfanYme
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    Device testing, with proof of the highest standards of testing in the industry

    I currently have the 7.2 and I provided trainings on Nokia devices. I feel Nokia needs todo more in field testing and get real world feedback. Nokia used to have the highest standard if devices, over the last few years this has not been the case

    Cameras were not functioning correctly, updates were slow, updates did not solve the problem in most cases, and too many issues at device launch; see Purview 9.

    Using Zeiss lenses means nothing if the software does not take the flagship pictures they are capable of

    With LG out if the market it's time for Nokia to step up and reclaim their standards and industry leading products.

  • dorso dorso
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Nokia X71 design is an important point!

    I can't understand why the design hasn't been adopted for a long time.

    The chin should disappear completely.

  • Sameer.Rajendra Sameer.Rajendra
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    Longer manufacturer warranty, covering all hardware and software defects

    Longer warranty will ensure in using the phone for longer time. Phone should be easy to reapair. Investing in mobile phone should be one time job for next 3-5 year.

  • RajatParashari RajatParashari
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    According to my if I go to buy a new phone. You will find a lot of similar things in many brands. If I talk about the software update one of the most important parts of the phone. The software upgrade guarantee you will get in very few brands and I can say that Nokia is at the top of them all. because every year you will get a better experience because of software updates. This will never make you feel like you should get a new phone.

  • Others. You suggest!

    1. Hardware should be capable of surviving for 3 years.

    2. You'r so called two day battery life doesn't prcatically workout. So battery drain in long run to be reduced.

    3. Even though software updates are provided for 2-3 years, the SOC/ other components may not be sufficient to efficiently run the new OS. So either new updates are to be optimised for the existing hardware or better to give only security update instead of features.

    4. RAM: I think android OS itself need 4gb of ram, but you keep on doing mobiles with 1/2GB ram. They are literally very tough to use after few months of purchase.

    5. In nokia, what I observed is the processors in your mobiles are little older at launch compared to the competitors. Maybe you do a lot of testing with the processor and by the time you launch it, it might be older.

    When few companies are launching 7-8nm processors for mid range, I see nokia still using 14nm processors.

    Also probability of updating processors in the mobile may also be explored. (Like we do in PC). ;-)So we might invest more on a durable phone even though it is pricy.

    > I am using Nokia 7 plus from 3 years. The design of the design is no doubt the best. Even till now...!!!!!

    But from past 3 months I find it difficult to use the mobiles. Apps take long time to load and apps get crashing frequently. I guess this is due to the software and app updates have become heavy to the current processor.

    I really love the design and build of the phone. So if I had an option to upgrade the procseeor or RAM I would happily do it instead of buying some new phones which are mostly made of plastic.. :-(

  • Charles Clark Charles Clark
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    An optimized software and hardware (Such as the battery, camera,soc etc), so live it, trust it, keep it.

  • Usernew54 Usernew54
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    Others. You suggest!

    3 Demands i have:

    1. We want always the latest in terms of Hardware and Software in each price category. New X series is the hope just keep with it. Create new phones for each price category like latest SD 500 series, SD 600 series, latest SD 700 series etc If you create such phones it will last longer and you can make them available to buy longer.
    2. Please create a separate series for custom android phone(with more Nokia apps) and release atleast 1/2 device a year since most of the users demand it. You can use any featured Open source OS(with more features) or tie up with some existing well known custom android solutions.
    3. Bring N series back for flagship and please launch a flagship every year it will help the brand recognize globally in Mobile Department but make sure to release with latest processor. If you have released the Nokia 9 with latest processor the result and the demand would have different.
  • Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

  • user123 user123
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    Others. You suggest!

    @dipankar paul ,

    My Suggestions for Nokia mobile along with all your mentioned points

    1> First please do release the smartphones in India (There is no new release of midrange phones from past 2 years)

    2> Provide a recovery tool because not all people have service center nearby(Eg : for me , I have to travel ~70KM to reach a service center) and software may not be stable for all the time so recovery tool is appreciated.

    3> Bootloader unlock for devices: Please do provide bootloader unlock and source for the devices, at least for the devices after its support end by HMD. so that we can extend the device may be by couple of years with the help of some custom ROMS (Regarding security, it will not be the concern since you have T&C for the bootloader unlock).

    Looking for a new device in india with below spec:

    Compact in build like nokia 8 or 7.1 (display should be within 6inch)

    SD 6XX/7XX 5G processor,

    FHD+ Pure display (No compromise here) preferably with OLED.

    2 or max 3 camera at back (because as far i know despite of having multiple cameras we can only one at a time, if one camera can capable of doing this means why we have to have multiple cameras). please do not provide 2mp secondary cameras provide cameras with some good features like nokia 8.1 (12+13)

    Provide Dolby Atmos with dual stereo speakers (Like nokia 6)

    Good battery (minimum 4500mAh)

    Suggestion: Releasing 5-6 devices for a year and keep quite for another year will not make sense. better release max 3 devices (1- low end, 1- Mid range and 1- top end) so it will be easy for you to maintain also.

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Please explain, why you selected this option.

  • Luke Staunton Luke Staunton
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    Device testing, with proof of the highest standards of testing in the industry

    I would add an additional criterion: emotionally durable design.

    We use smartphones to store our most personal data and mediate our interaction with the world and others, they have a strange intimacy, both emotionally and physically as we run our digits over sculpted glass and frames.

    When I think of why I want to keep hold of a device for as long as possible, beyond durability and future-proofed components, it always comes down to design and camera.

    I am thinking of tactility, colour and material choices, a design purity and human warmth that doesn't age. This also applies to software and UX, something that is clean, unobtrusive, and coherent, and flows from the physical hardware.

    The smartphone market and enthusiast media has become fixated on specifications to the detriment of meaningful design, it is not an easy sell to design devices that don't demand to be used and encourage consumption, but instead are an embodied part of daily life and rituals.

  • Anindya Pal Anindya Pal
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Most important thing is to maintain the frequency of software updates.

    My Nokia 7.2 is not receiving any security update since March 2021.

    I am very disappointed with that and as Nokia promised monthly security updates as a part of android one, it's kind of a offence that they are doing with us. As we paid they money for security updates Nokia must apologise and do something to balance the issue.

    As a big Nokia fan I want to see the brand again with golden crown 👑.

    Hope you will do better ☺️.

  • Abhay kk Abhay kk
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    Hello everyone , NOKIA says it's the balance between hardware and software that keeps the device in its optimum state that not only adds upto the longevity of the device but also gives the user the experience that builds the trust, I truly understood this thing when I purchased my Nokia 1 lookin at the specs I wasn't very much confident in the begining and as I performed my daily tasks keeping in mind the limits of the hardware , I was blown away by its lag free performance and I couldn't able to digest the fact that with such limited hardware it still worked smoothly and performed all the tasks efficiently , ofcourse it had some glitches but at the end of the day it gave me the trust to count on it , android go was an excellent step to match the phone hardware,

    In my opinion at the end its the balance of the two that matters for the device to work in its optimum condition but in the begining from the very build of the device its the hardware that matters and its for the hardware that u need to compensate some changes in the software , its in the hardware that u put the software to make it work properly ,without hardware software is nothing software is flexible its easy to make changes in the one ,hardware has less flexibility u can't regularly make changes to it so the quality and the very build of the device is very very important each piece of equipment used in the device should be of highest quality available in the concluded price of the device being manufactured the hardware should be made in a more practical way so that it could survive in the real world

    I want to pinout some of the hardware problems that I think Nokia should seriously look into it many times I think the hardware we are getting doesn't matches the price we are paying Nokia 5.3 still has 2.5 D , uses 8 mp front camera , has IPS LCD( at least it should be a pure display ), the speaker output is average, and out of rear cameras the only practical one is the primary 13 mp ( which should be atleast 15mp) the other ultra wide has poor clarity and 2 mp macro serioulsy , c'mon Nokia stop kidding , the Earphones we getting with the 5.3 is a serious **** no kind of thing and all of this I paid for 16000 c'mon man but in terms of performance I don't have any complain it can perform all the tasks very efficiently and that's the only thing that has kept my trust for this phone , now under this price I could get Mi note 8 for only 12k and u know the specs it has gorilla glass 5 whole body, has good sound output , has 13 in the front and the rear has 48 mp primary I mean the main things in the hardware are good , in the early times of the Nokia Android phones like Nokia 8.1, 8,7, 7 plus were an all rounder Nokia phones in terms of specs and hardware but now it's all kind of vague. When price is coming over 15k I would expect to have at least a good processor ,display and cameras with Zeiss optics.

  • Mr. G. Mr. G.
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Longer warranty is important for sure, it's a good selling point

    But, I owned and used dozen of Nokia smartphones (beginning with 7650) and I never, not even once, needed to use the warranty.

    So nowadays I truly believe that the most important thing is a long program about SW updates, security patches etc

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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    He thought he receive a bug free updates

  • Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    when would Nokia add offcial Bootloader Supports many phone older phones which can enjoy lastest android version after unlocking Bootloader can't be done cause one lame excuse by Company for security reasons we don't Allow if would mine explaining what kind of security reasons are those & why can't you guys provide same update to all regions there is no need to provide different Updates to different regions like for example update Released in Europe region are stable and update release in India , AISA region are full bugs why you guys can't provide same update over all regions


  • GazC GazC
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    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Additional Android OS upgrade(s)

    Given how well my last few Nokia's have performed, I've no issues with build quality or feel a need for an extended warranty.

    So provided all the latest Android updated are made available I'm happy to stick with my phone for longer.

    Although I do tend to swap every 2 years as I do like to stay current 😁

  • Ankur_Munjal Ankur_Munjal
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    Others. You suggest!

    From my perspective, the software support with a clean UI such as stock android with a good enough processor is the only thing that can contribute in keeping the smartphone good enough for 3 or more years of usage. Timely android security updates with needful OTA updates makes a smartphone last for more than 3 years

  • husainc18 husainc18
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    Others. You suggest!

    Apart from OS upgrades, would like to see water and dust resistance on the phones which can be used for water photography as well.

  • Sisu Matt Sisu Matt
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    Others. You suggest!

    All these things are important, especially software updates, security support, build quality, and longer warranty. These cover reasons why people must change device.

    However, if everyone's honest with themselves the single biggest factor in anyone keeping a phone for years is how future proofed it is hardware wise. This is the single biggest market dynamic in the phone industry that has made us all into excessive consumers. It is short-term cyclical and innovation is fast.

    Build a phone that has a timeless futuristic design with all the most up to date specs and features so that people don't want to change device. They can use it for longer before moving to something that is eventually better.

    The last Nokia phone that nailed it for me was the Lumia 1520. Then the 950XL. All others since have been behind market cadence. I used the latter for 3 years which was more than twice as long as I've used other devices.

    Whilst you're at it build it with more sustainable sourcing, ethical manufacturing, more sustainable materials, and with a degree of repairability. In years to come tech companies will be so frowned upon for removing repairability from devices: shortening device life spans immeasurably. It is possible to add improved degrees of repairability into sleek modern device design; just look at what Microsoft is doing with the Surface Pro and Laptop.

  • Nikhil_zb Nikhil_zb
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    Longer manufacturer warranty, covering all hardware and software defects
    I think providing longer warranty over both hardware are software would help to ensure people of protection from damage and indirectly about durability of phones.

    Reasons:1)Limited authorised service centers👨‍🔧:As Nokia is in growing phase of network marketing the authorised and trusted service centers are few in numbers which baffles the costumers as well as costly too.

    2)Defects :Many of devices are best of their time but have some of the flaws ex:Charging port issue in 6.1,5.1, Fingerprint sensor issue in purview 9 hence warranty could help to overcome such challenges with future upcoming phones📱

    3)Sustainability:Longer the devices would run lower will the changes to buy new one.. Hence it would protect environment by creating less e-waste. 🌱🌏 #campfire

    Ps suggestions off the topic: 1)Optimization on nokia phone is all great still try to put a uptodate processer!

    2)Better if you would back with those metallic rugged body. 'Cause people are now realizing how durable the metallic armor was, so be the first to bring it back!

    3)Commerce : Marketing Advertising And Pricing - Nokia needs to drastically expand their market in India. And try lauch devices as sooner as in India. Besides their are hardly few people who knows Nokia is manufacturing smartphones, So Advertising through Telecommunications and signing celebrity brand ambassador would boost your network! Lastly pricing I know Nokia is always rigid for its quality and expensive hence, still try to keep phones within range ₹12k-25k.

    🥺People still love you Nokia🤝 They just need a Spark of Hope from you❤️

    Thank you!

  • Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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    Longer manufacturer warranty, covering all hardware and software defects

    I will go with extra hardware and software warranty and If possible an extra OS update will be plus point for me to buy phone.

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