Calling for a global money refund for customers that purchased Nokia 7.2

HMD Nokia Ban and blocked my previous user and deleted all my comments and discussions. They do everything to hide the truth so it is very important that you copy this text and share everywhere on social networks and of course press the like / agree button. The conversation in this discussion must be left at the top of the list. Do not let the trolls open false discussions in order to lower this discussion to the bottom of the list. Every 3 days you will enter this discussion and write something to bounce it to the top. If we unite they will not be able to silence us all. Today is the date 22/6/2021 and the security version in Nokia 7.2 is still on the month of March 2021. Delay of 3 months - and it will get worse! We have not yet received Android 11 although very soon there will be phones from other manufacturers with Android 12. HMD Nokia deceived and betrayed us. They do not give us quality service and do not care at all about us. That's why I urge everyone not to buy any more Nokia products in the future. HMD Nokia phones has a lot hardware and software problems. For example, my GPS doesn't work from day one. I didn't want to send it for repair because I thought an upgrade to Android 10 would fix the problem but it didn't happen and then was a general closure in my country (ISRAEL) because the Covid19 and I had already given up and the warranty was over and the problem persists. They employ trolls who respond on this community website (you can easily identify them because they underestimate our money and our claims about real problems on this phone and they hint that the problems are our fault because it's only on our phone. And they always claim that everything is fine on their phone. Why do they not open new discussions of their own? Because they are trying to maintain HMD Nokia's reputation). The same trolls who work for HMD Nokia and respond on this site lied rudely and claimed against me that I work for a competing manufacturer. For those who remember my previous user, I previously posted screenshots from my HMD Nokia 7.2 and also did not support any other specific manufacturer. But not anymore. Since I do not want you to fall into the trap with screwed manufacturers I will share my personal opinion: I think the most reliable phone manufacturers are Google and Samsung. Of course you alone will decide which phone manufacturer to buy with your money. Just do not buy the phone on the first day it is available for sale. Wait at least 3 months to make sure there is no global fault.



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    You can't recover it? Does this mean that HMD/Nokia does not back up data? That sounds unimaginable... Has HMD also deleted all security patches, so that no current ones can be rolled out? 🤣🤯

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    That is right. From a consumer's standpoint, they have nothing to do with what internal problems hmd has. They should get what hmd has promised, as was mentioned during the buying/marketing process. I agree with that remark.

    And the problem becomes even bigger because hmd fails to communicate properly. But maybe that's right for them too. If they come out and say that we are having financial problems or that our supply chain is disrupted, it will be hot news in the media which will once again tarnish the brand's image and possibly future sales and marketing of hmd. I am no business expert, but all that I can see is that they are in a tight situation right now. I hope they manage to revive and sustain themselves. Because just in case they come out and say... We are done. We can't do it anymore, we as a consumer won't be able to do much anyways other than losing a company that tried to bring a change.

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    Hi, can you provide sources for ODMs providing updates for Nokia phones? I mainly bought a nokia 7.2 to avoid Chinese phones due to concerns over privacy, if Chinese ODMs not only made this phone but also maintains software then I'm really doubting if I should even use this phone. I am probably better off getting a Pixel phone or an iPhone instead.

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    I think we can try to run civil cases and refund requests after 6th of September 2021. Because Nokia 7.2 release was on 6th of September 2019 and there will be clear violation of false advertising, until that they still have the 2 year gap not ended.

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    Hi @lior levi new account , I think @Joost is right. In general iPhones are expensive and so is their repair costs. So, a refurbished iPhone can be a good choise as long as the quality is good. That because the iPhone Mini thing that Apple makes is not something I like. It is too small and basic to be of any usefulness or a regular user who has used bigger phones.


    Hi @Joost, fair enough. I might be wrong but General Mobile would have likely not guaranteed your software updates, whereas HMD did. So, hmd needs to have a different agreement with their vendor (longcheer) and while in the case of General Mobile, it is good for however long they maintained it, in case of hmd 3-year support is a sales promise that they should fulfil by whatever means otherwise they may be found guilty if somebody files a class action lawsuit. Android updates are (or at least they used to be) in the Android ecosystem and hmd came here as somebody who will give an alternative via regular updates. Now if they fail just their core promise, I do not see many USPs left in their products of today.

    The issues with adoptable storage on Android has forever existed and is something where Google is at fault and not the vendor. Google has never managed to make adoptable storage work flawlessly. That's why most vendors try to avoid such a solution on their devices. It is better to not give such an option and leave the device with lesser storage instead of giving it and then leaving the user to lose their critical userdata at any point randomly.

    The opinion about a possible conflict with the vendor is something that I am forming out of my observation of the things revolving around hmd. As such it may or may not be fully right. I can't say how the support will continue further... but I still cannot forget that hmd has already exited most of the retail business in China and they left all devices with no further maintenance with immediate effect. So, none of the devices (new or old) got any updates after the July 2019 Android security patch. That said, hmd never advertised or promised updates in China and hence they had no legal complications from that. The case of their global portfolio is different and hence I feel that hmd will sort things by either changing the vendor or resolving the conflicts or just absorb the software job in-house. Only time will tell how things go.


    Hi @BratwurstmitSenf, you are right and I think we also have a similar slogan and examples in India as well. One where a man used to shout every day that lion came and when the public would come out to save him, he used to laugh at them that he made them a fool. Then one fine day, the lion came and killed him and nobody came out after his shouts because they assumed he will be fooling them yet again. So, yeah lies and broken promises break the trust and that is definitely happening to hmd these days.

    I do not want you to change your opinion or have a softer corner for them. I do not use a hmd phone as my primary phone as of now. I was just doing some business evaluations. And for that matter, I think it is always a risky job when we buy something from a small company or a startup. We never know how the business will be a few years down the line.

    And definitely, the best phone to get the latest and greatest from Google is by having a phone made by Google only. I do not even like the fact that hmd is only trying to live off Google's stuff (a lot of which Google limits for exclusive use on its own smartphones) and does not try to build an own wholesome ecosystem where the hardware and software complement each other and the user gets access to a number of exclusive features that will also help hmd to retain the customer. Because as of today, any phone one buys has access to the same Google apps anyways + a lot more.