Calling for a global money refund for customers that purchased Nokia 7.2



  • CHRIS78
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    edited July 2021

    Hello, at first im sorry for my Bad englisch.

    Im here in Germany and bought two 7.2 in October 2019 at Amazon.

    I returned them in juny 2021 to Amazon and got my full Money back.

    At first Amazon sent them to the on repair Center. They found Notting.

    After i got them back i tryed the Amazon chat again and told them absolut the missing security Updates, self turning off, crashing camera App, problems with the sd card, freezes and other Problems.

    After a few minutes i got the ok to send them back.

  • I have a 7.2. as a work phone. At first I thought it's quite ok. It sometimes froze but that was ok for me. Until yesterday: Out of the blue, it froze again but this time it shut down completely. I can't restart it or charge it anymore. I can press any button in any combination (on/off, +/- volume) and nothing happens. It's completely dead. I have to bring it to a repair shop now to see if they can at least retrieve my data :(

  • Since 2 yrs these issues not resolved