[Update: Fix available] Google app issue on Android devices

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Hi everyone,

An update from Google:

A new version of the Google Search app (v 12.24), which resolves the crashing issue, is now available in the Play Store. Users with auto-updates enabled will receive this latest version automatically. See more details here.


Hello everyone,

We are aware of the Google app not functioning on Android devices, including some Nokia smartphones. This temporary issue is not limited to Nokia phones but is impacting all Android devices.

No action is necessary from Nokia smartphone owners.

A fix from the Google team is expected to be in place soon with an update to the Google app being released on the Play Store.

In the meantime, Google’s Community Manager has shared some tips here, which may resolve the issue until a fix is in place.


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    Interesting. Thanks for the information! It is sometimes annoying that a 3rd party breaks some of the device features. But that's the part and parcel of integrated platforms.

    Hope Google fixes it shortly. However, I can see that barely anybody has reported such an issue here. So, possibly not that widespread.

  • Thank you so much for this solution @dipankar paul sir🙏

  • @dipankar paul

    Thank You for sharing this information

    So Far this issue doesn't seem to be affected for Nokia 3.2 but Few weeks back My device faced a critical bug while using Google News App where when I scroll for news articles all of sudden ,Device Screen gets black out and blink for few seconds then it boots up showing Android One logo . This was happens more frequently and there for at least couple of weeks and when they updated to V5.32 ,they fixed this critical bug and now I'm able to enjoy to read articles.

  • I ordered the x20 on the internet. On 07/14 my package was in transit by DHL in Cologne, it was lost or damage.

    We are 07/26, Nokia did not even follow up on my order, refunded? Shipping a new package?

    You realize this amateurism, more than 10 days without decision.

  • Your latest updates removed my data and has been causing glitches whenever I open a page. It keeps asking if I want a simpler version. This wasn't the case and also it denied me access to another account you probably have transacted with the gaming company. 

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    Кто знает об модифицированной версией андроид 11?

  • Android 12 coming for Nokia 8.1?

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    Hello everyone,

    A fascinating subject. Your information is very helpful. Sometimes, it is annoying when third parties break certain functions of our devices. However, integrated platforms are a part of life.

    Hopefully, Google will make it right soon. Although there has not been much discussion of this issue so far in this thread. It is therefore possible that the problem is not widespread. 🙂

  • Very helpful. Thanks for the solutions - krunker.