Concern on Nokia 7.2 security update.

I have been using Nokia 7.2 since it got introduced in India.

Concern on Nokia 7.2 security update.

Chembottikkal Chembottikkal
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I have been using Nokia 7.2 since it got introduced in India. My very first priority was the security and i was happy till January 2021 but after that I felt Nokia is lagging in providing security updates . I was really surprised and disappointed after seeing even my dad's Nokia 2.1 got June Security update though my 7.2 is still with March. I am really disappointed with this device and waited for long to get it. HMD is still testing 7.2 User's patience and if they don't provide update, i am planning to move to pixel 4a or Samsung A series. This is horrible and shows the fake promise from HMD. Also I don't recommend Nokia in future, since I don't find any special in Nokia compared to other brands.



  • user1536988784097 user1536988784097
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    I m having Nokia 7.2. I m Nokia lover but now HMD disappointed me allot. Nokia promised to provide regular security as well as software update. But since march no security patch updates provided. And where is Android 11 updates? I think HMD failed to fulfill it's promised. This will cause shatdown of production of Nokia devices.

  • lior levi new account lior levi new account
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    Guys, also don't forget all the hardware problems that a lot of people have on this damn phone. join my discussion and press on the agree button.

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