Warranty Issues, Nokia 6.2

I think won't buy Nokia anymore. There are lots of problems such as:

Camera, Volume, many graphical and functional issues.

Warranty and Nokia specialists just saying that in Android 11 update everything will be fine and fixed.

Nokia 6.2 Android 11 was about to come on Q2 of 2021.

Now it is delayed and no Warranty is supported for my device.

Which mean if android 11 comes I am completely out of options if the issues are not fixed at all.

All in All I won't buy nokia anymore.

Stop building android phones and keep track on Nokia 3310 and nothing more


  • They are not fixed.

    In fact, they are made worse. I can't even charge my phone without turning it off.

  • Never had a problem wirh Nokia phones, except with 5.1 which was truly a crap phone. 16gb storage and 2 GB of RAM on Android 10 - big nope

    Nokia 5, 6.1 and now 5.3 are great

  • That is so unfortunate, I feel sorry for you. In recent years Nokia mobiles have had some serious software-related issues. It needs to be addressed.