[Fix available] Mobile data connection issues on Nokia X20



  • Hello,

    for information, the Security Patches and update for Nokia X20 can be found here:

    So, the SW 00WW_2_420 has many bugs and the 4G is broken with Orange/Sosh network.

    I hope that the next SW will fix the problem.. :)

    But not yet available for X20... :(

  • hi

    I am using the latest 00WW_2_420 and still having the same issue.

  • The problem appear in 00WW_2_420. Hope a fix will be avaiable for next update

  • Hi folks

    Just migrated from one network (Bouygtel) to another (Orange/Sosh) in France on my X20 running build 00WW_2_420 and data would only work if forcing 3G. The contract isn't eligible for 5G but 4G should have been working..

    Playing around with APN settings I managed to get 4G to work again by editing the Network type to untick  ̶N̶o̶t̶ ̶s̶p̶e̶c̶i̶f̶i̶e̶d̶ and select the ones I wanted instead:

  • Yes it work but when i restart or the signal is low it disconnect and never reconnect.

    (Look no 4g in top)

  • Someone try it?

    It fix 4g / 5g with Orange ?

  • Answer is NO!

  • Nokia 5g phone but stuck in 3g with Orange F network due to software.

    Then, that a shame, I go in Poland for 4 mouth, and suprise, it's orange network ! Anyone is polish and have same problem ? Thanks ! If yes, i will take another phone to have 4G, because download things in 3g it's fun 2 weeks, but when it's about 2 mouth it's really tiresome!!

  • Bonjour,

    On dirait que Nokia a plus rien à de ses clients car ça fait 1 mois et demi que le problème est présent pour la 4g orange et absolument rien n'a été fait pour résoudre le problème.

    Je suis déçu de la marque

  • I haven't post it before because it not working but Nokia found a solution with Orange.

    I say it not working !!!

    Follow this step (in french because support send me in french)

    Salutations de l'équipe Nokia Mobile Care. Merci pour votre retour. Nous comprenons que cette situation est importante pour vous. Nous serons ravis de vous assister avec cela !

    Nous comprenons l'importance d'obtenir de l'aide concernant votre Nokia X20. Avant tout, nous apprécions le temps que vous avez pris pour nous faire part de la situation et nous sommes désolés des inconvénients que cela a présentés.

    Après la dernière mise à jour Android, nous avons eu quelques cas où les appareils chez Orange n'ont pas de données mobiles. Nous avons informé Android par rapport à cette situation et travaillons actuellement sur une mise à jour de correction.

    En attendant le patch de correction je peux proposer les étapes suivantes. Tout d'abord, un nouvel APN doit être créé. Pour un profil internet Orange :

    Nom : Orange World

    APN : orange

    Proxy : Non défini (par défaut)

    Port : Non défini (par défaut)

    Nom d'utilisateur : orange

    Mot de passe : orange

    Serveur : Non défini

    MMSC: Non défini

    Proxy MMS : Non défini

    Port MMS : Non défini

    MMC: 208

    MNC : 01

    Type d'authentification : Non défini

    Type d'APN : default, supl

    Protocole APN : IPv4.

    Protocole APN en itinérance : Non défini.

    Activer/désactiver APN (grisé)

    Réseau : Non spécifié

    Type MVNO : SPN

    Valeur MVNO : Orange F

    Une fois l'APN créé, basculez le petit point pour l'activer.

    Une fois activé, veuillez mettre la 3G sur le téléphone puis la remettre en 4G dans les préférences réseau :

    Paramètres > Réseau mobile et Internet > Réseau mobile > Sélectionnez Mode réseau > Sélectionnez 3G puis 4G > Désactiver les données mobiles > Activer les données mobiles.

    Dans l'attente de votre retour! Si vous avez d'autres questions ou si vous avez besoin d'aide, n'hésitez pas à répondre à cet e-mail!

    When you did it. 4G will work!!! BUT, when someone call you, or when you call someone, 4G disconnect and never connect again! We have to put data connection OFF and ON to have 4G (yes, one call = one ON OFF of data connection to work)

    So to come back and return to 3G without issus, go on APN and made a reset of APN setting (in 3 points on top left), go back to 3G and it will work after put plane mod, disable it, disconnect data and reconnect it.

    So, why this message?

    Because support think that the problem is solve but... not at all.

    I need more proof (to don't be the only one french who have this problem).

  • Bonjour,

    En effet j'ai essayé cette solution mais ça ne marche pas non plus chez moi.

    En faisant cela je perds même les MMS.

    Donc ce serait bien que Nokia se penche rapidement sur le problème.

    Bonne journée

  • Good morning all!

    I have the same problem for two months.

    This is just unacceptable, in 2022 a phone that loses data every hour... And redoing an APN, switching to 3G then 4G only works for a few hours. If you put the airplane mode, loss of signal or if you receive a call: no internet

    I contacted support several times, I think we don't understand each other, and I'm tired of doing total resets. I also had Orange France support: They can't do anything except sell another phone to fix the problem. Maybe they are right?

    Nokia must now be honest: Do the problem be will be fixed and when? Or if Nokia can't fix this problem, they should say so. Personally, I am on the verge of returning to IOS.

    I'll say it again, being blocked on the internet on a recent phone for two months is just unimaginable. Today a phone is used as a key, health pass, payment. gps... This kind of problem should be solved in a few days or else offered another phone.

    I'm fed up, I wait a few days then I rebuy myself an iphone

    *Apart from this forum there are plenty of French forums indicating this problem

  • En effet c'est inadmissible .

    Surtout que du coup le téléphone est rendu impropre à l'utilisation par son fabricant de plus en période de garantie .

    Je pense que certaines associations vont être mises au courant du problème si rien n'est fait rapidement

  • I just checked here on the forum to see if things had progressed but nothing. I contacted support again, but still the same...

    Two months with this problem is huge, I have to lose data 4/5 times a day and redo all the manipulations. And in October, I had already had two weeks without internet when connected in 5g.

    In addition there is no communication from Nokia on the progress of a solution

    Finally for me I turned on my old Iphon which is more reliable. My Nokia will only work for a few months...it is now in the drawer. I'll still wait until March then I'll get a new phone but no more Nokia

  • Bonjour, j'ai eu une réponse du sav qui me dit qu'une mise à jour doit sortir très bientôt pour régler ce problème.

    Mais qu'entendent ils par très bientôt ???

  • Yeah, I don't know, i take it with me in Amsterdam and Poznan, 4G work like a charm, hope it will work when i'm back to France

  • Bonjour, vraiment pas pressé chez Nokia car toujours rien.

  • Hi all,

    I bought a Nokia G50 last week and I have the same problem with Orange Network in France. I used this same phone with Orange F SIM card while roaming in Belgium and the Netherlands, in these countries no problem at all, stable 4G and 5G.

    In France no 4G. I tried all the solutions, nothing worked. Well Ok, 4G came back for a while after I modified APN or other mobile network settings. But once I switch to WiFi and back to 4G again, or when my phone connects to a different antenna, I loose 4G data connection.

    Hoping for a patch very soon, this is ridiculous.

  • Bonjour,

    Pour ma part ça fait 2 mois que j'ai le problème et que le problème est signalé à Nokia .

    Ils ne sont pas pressés de satisfaire leurs clients apparemment.

    Si ils continuent comme cela la marque risque de nouveau de disparaitre et certaines personnes perdront leur emploi.

    Mais cela n'a pas l'air de les inquiéter

  • Update available... android 12 v2.460...

    Issue fixed, 4G is available !

  • Solved : I have this problem for two months, I solved it by taking an iphone.

    Nokia it's really unreliable, the phone works just a few months

  • 👌👍️ Great job!

    I had the same problem since I bought Nokia X20. Access point Name has been reset to default and worked just fine, and I'am using it too 😊😍

  • Thank you for the instruction to reset the access point names to default. This fixed the problem for me and the data connection is working again.

  • LTA
    LTA ✭✭

    Thanks Dinkapar Paul! 👍 Worked for the 😎

  • Android 12 update to android 13 unable to cast direct LG Smart TV anymore. Support Nokia advised to do factory restart and still not possible. Now only with Google cast..force customers to buy one or wait possible next update. Any body checked this problem?

  • Alex21
    Alex21 ✭✭

    Having the same issues for months in the US while using 5g. Data will drop and not comeback. Most likely the last Nokia for me

  • Hi, Why i am facing this problem. Morning, I did try this yesterday and again today, however it has not fixed the issue. Please advise further, I need mobile data internet to work on my website uk49s.net.

  • Can someone help me with making a post on here? I can't even find how to open a new topic. Thanks 🤦‍♀️

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