Weekly soft-reset

Hi together, The support once wrote me about the Nokia X20 that they recommend doing a soft-reset weekly to avoid problems.

Weekly soft-reset

kev kev
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Hi together,

The support once wrote me about the Nokia X20 that they recommend doing a soft-reset weekly to avoid problems.

For those who don't know how to perform a soft-reset, here is a little guide.

To perform a soft-reset

- Press volume up button and power button at the same time until Android logo is displayed. Then the smartphone will reboot.

If not, perform a soft reset in safe mode. In this mode, all additional apps will be disabled. When you restart the phone, they will then be enabled again.

To perform a soft-reset in safe mode

- To turn on Safe Mode, press the power button until you see the two options ("Power Off" and "Restart"). Press and hold the "Power Off" option for a few seconds until you see a Safe Mode message. Please confirm it.

- When Android is launched in safe mode, press the volume up button and the power button at the same time until you see the Android logo. After that, the smartphone will restart.

-If Android does not start after the soft-reset and the Android appears lying with a red exclamation mark icon, press the power button and the volume up button once. Then use the volume up/down buttons to navigate to Power off or Restart and confirm with the power button.

I hope this helps if you ever have a problem.


  • abecedario abecedario
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    thanks for the explanations, much appreciated, but...is it possible we really have to do soft reset EVERY WEEK??? 😱

  • kev kev
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    Good question. Support recommended this to me via chat. Since then, i do a soft-reset every weekend to be on the safe side. This is done very quickly.

  • The Johan The Johan
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    My X20 completely **** up... Tried everything but flashing new firmware/rom.... Iḿ stuck... help please

    It just reboots, tried to adb reboot bootloader but it just keeps on getting into fastboot mode, no hard or soft reset works, wont bootup, just goes directly to this screen

  • BratwurstmitSenf BratwurstmitSenf
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    Always these great "recommendations" from HMD. That is already sick when you recommend a weekly reset to your customers! Nobody should buy a device from HMD/Nokia anymore. It is simply better for everyone!

    What about updates for the X20? Are they also as bad, i.e. irregular and old, as with the 8.1 or 7.2? The 7.2 still has no Android 11 and is not problem-free!

  • I have been trying for more than a week to get Nokia / hmd to sort out the renewal of an expired payment card on the hmd app which is used for the monthly payments of the roll over contract

    It seems that it can't be done on the app!

    The result is that while I'm visiting Italy I'm stranded without telephony or data

    This seems a very basic technical issue that shouldn't be a problem for any user

    I'm starting to regret moving from apple to Android, this issue simply would not happen with apple

  • abecedario abecedario
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    welcome to Italy...or nice to have you here if you have already left!

  • kev kev
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    Most other phones also require a soft reset if there is a problem. Therefore, i find that OK and i also do this with the Nokia 3.4 and the iPhone SE.

    Thanks to the regular soft-reset, most of the problems are eliminated.

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