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  • Regarding performance UK still on A12 stock November security version as only just released (no December update yet) however noting the "lagging" issue I can confirm general use is reasonably swift but noticeable lag particularly for example when locking/unlocking device whereby sound is slightly delayed (example device locks - screen off but sound is a second after)

    Hoping the next "maintenance" release will resolve albeit on the nokia security/maintenance release summary page there has been no page update since 09th December for any device.

  • When the December patch is getting released? We have been approaching end of January and no December update. Soon we need to get the January though....

  • Updates are clearly phased by country - UK was 3 weeks behind the initial A12 release. Using the same analogy the December security update is likely to land end of January.

  • It used to be more equal as we are talking about incremental fixes and security patch. Maybe the issues google has introduced with the December patch is messing up the schedule and causing the delay.

  • Just a same Nokia have not updated this page since early December as it was a very good indicator on when to expect any security or maintenance releases.

    Fingers crossed the last countries 'possibly' awaiting operator approvals should receive by the end of the month, and once A12 has bedded in future releases will hopefully become more equal.

  • Good morning guys. I will like to know if anyone's been able to download the latest version which is 2.42 for Nokia X20. So many bugs with this version 2.345. I keep doing factory reset with no maximum fix.

  • It looks like they've updated the list yesterday saying V2.420 for Nokia X20 was released on January 10th. Has anyone been able to update? I'm stucked with V2.350.

  • hi, I received it on January 15th, you can find my message on the previous page

  • Update A12 - UK today received Google security update (SP) for December 2021 (15.4MB)

    Unfortunately the maintenance release (MR) appears to be omitted at the moment (initially spotted this prior to the SP install as the file size was small)

    Therefore currently:

    Security update (today) - 5 December 2021

    Google play system update - 1 December 2021

    Build V2.350 (still awaiting V2.420)

  • Confirmed, only December security patch has been rolling out.

    Don't know why the webpage advises about 2.420 upgrade with December patch.

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    @vgaspar: because in some countries it was actually like this, release of patches and firmware updates at the same time.

  • I think its due to operator approvals in various markets as 2.420 has already been confirmed on this forum as being received.

    The Security patch is already 2.5 weeks behind initial release in the UK therefore one can assume once approved the maintenance release will follow shortly to the latest version as security and maintenance releases are not always included together.

  • Google System Play, January update available.......

  • Thanks for the heads up - just checked and already installed in the background!!

    Good to see some 'common ground' in this particular update field.

    Just a shame and rather frustrating the firmware update to V2.420 was omitted from the December security update and still has not arrived!

    Fingers crossed.....

  • January patches available in Italy, 39mb

  • Has also just arrived in UK also.

    Noting still no sight of the maintenance release V2.420 from January 10th still version 2.350.

  • have you tried to put the sim of another operator? maybe this could speed up the arrival of the new software version

  • Yes however still registered with UK (02 and Vodaphone). I have read on many other forums that many are in the same situation from many other continents. I was considering contacting HMD however past experiences with other phone models is always vague and never definitive - so guessing as stated before need to be patient until hopefully future maintenance release approvals will be processed faster.

  • OK decided to write to them will post response if there is any information.

  •  The response (shortened) after 2 attempts; as expected; absolutely no idea - rather concerning......

    I would like to inform you that as a remote technical support we can't send the update manually to you and currently we don't have the information when exactly the next update will be available for United Kingdom. You will receive automatically a notification on the device when the next update is available. Please check regularly for updates

  • They are useless! Like if they are not working for Nokia! They know nothing about anything. Literally!

    You might ask them about tomorrow's weather in the UK....

  • well I did try.....

  • I reached out to them multiple times via the MyPbone app as well -using the chat- but they can just tell the same statements over and over again using their templates.

  • The update information page has been updated albeit not regularly - noting security patch only and says "January" although we already had that last month. Also the key here is the new security patch release is for 2 versions (350 and 420) so there clearly is a recognised delay in the V420 firmware update.

  • February security patch is out. Only security patch worth 70MB. Yet to review build number changes but I doubt any...

  • Google Play system update for February available - note I had to go into system/security/google play update to find it and screen showed restart to complete update so no home screen prompt to say it had been updated awaiting restart.

  • just for the record, in Italy neither the February patches nor the new build SP02 have yet arrived.

    about ten days ago I only received the February update of the Google Play System in two tranches: the first, very few mega bytes, the second the next day, very very very few kilo bytes!

    for both times the receipt of the updates arrived only because I searched for them and for both times the mandatory restart of the phone was requested.

  • Updated page (MAR 9)

    Noting the V420 firmware update released 2 months ago has still not arrived in UK still V350...

    Also noting a possible typo? As the SP releases for A12 are still using versions 350 and 420 however one of the entries for Feb SP is 460??

  • I think they are running multiple firmwares dependant on regions. Such a stupid and convoluted method. And it also looks that we will remain on v.350 which is laggy as ****.