Nokia X20 build number



  • very laggy yes agreed

  • abecedario
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    improved system stability, UI improvements (V2.460) and Google February security patch.

    the update has finally arrived here in Italy!

  • Very lucky indeed! UK still on 350 and not even got to 420 yet let alone 460! Given up with this company now.

  • Ok readers.

    Google Play system update 1 March 2022 available - same scenario goto settings/security/google play update and should of already installed in the background awaiting a restart (no physical homescreen prompt etc as usual)

  • March SP is out, only SP no MR.

  • Where are you from? I just got it in Romania.

    I'm interested which countries have the privileg of getting a security patch but no OS improvements. 😆

  • I live in Hungary and purchased my device through authorized reseller.

    I recall UK folks has the same delay in terms of MRs.

    I don't understand why the lack of streamlined MR release at least across Europe?

  • March patches not yet received in Italy, but considering the delay they have been accumulating lately, I don't worry for at least a couple of weeks ...

  • What is the reason of delay considering the security fixes are centrally managed and has no OS improvements tied to them? Should be immediate post google release.

    I fell like Android One has been neglected, I would be expecting pixel like experience (not even talking about pixel exclusive features getting excluded...).

  • SP and Google Play all up to date however UK still on V350 OS and still awaiting some form of MR - therefore to confirm no MR received since A12 install in UK.

  • Yep, exactly the same for Hungary.

    And I'm sad neither google nor Nokia does not expose their exact SP and MR schedule to set the expectations.

    Now we are just guessing, comparing and trying to identify trends.

  • I believe, but I'm not 100% sure, that the release dates of the updates also depend on the mobile operators we use for the calls; I remember having often read that to unblock the reception of updates it may be useful to remove the sim inside the phone and then try the search again.

  • To be fair the SP and Google play updates appear to be reasonably uniform for all regions - the main issue is the MR updates - strange how so many are still on V350 and the first MR was issued 3 months ago -

    00WW_2_420 MR Update and SP (Android 12)Dec-21January 10, 2022

    Now I believe 460 has been released and is the second updated version -

    00WW_2_460 (Android 12)Feb-22March 07, 2022

  • I confirm that version 2_460 has been released, already for several weeks at least in my case

  • I personally tried the SIM card removal but made no difference as the WiFi is still using the countries IP address.

    The only true way is to remove SIM and WiFi totally and connect via VPN to the country that has received the update.

    I have not personally tried this as there are reports that it can cause issues with future updates via the normal process going forward (current SIM and WiFi IP)

  • For those that might be interested the update page has been refreshed - noting still releasing separate SP for V350 and V420. Still totally bemused as to why different regions are using different firmware for many months now and ultimately must be creating more work for the manufacturer by creating different SP versions.

  • abecedario
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    April practically finished, March security patches not yet received in Italy, still stuck on February.

    On the other hand, today the Google Play system patches have been updated to April.

  • vgaspar
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    April security patch is 350_SP5. No enhancement since A12 released.

    In the meantime I'm so envy on Samsung Galaxy A52 which is getting many enhancements monthly basis.

  • abecedario
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    thank you, 93,39MB of April patches just received, until a couple of hours ago everything was silent...

    at least in my case, in Italy, the March patches skipped and the most recent ones arrived directly 🙄

  • vgaspar
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    Odd, on my build no skip has been made and thus April patch worth 33MB only.

    Why such fragmentation exists within the same model?

    And why no fix pushed out, same laggy sh*t since Android 12?!

  • abecedario
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    for some time now I have the build 00WW_2_460_SP01, this is my main phone, I use it all day for "anything", and I have to admit that at least mine works fine (I wish the camera app was up to date, but since the real Nokia we know that this aspect is very neglected)

  • abecedario
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    in any case I agree with you, such fragmentation within the same model does not help to understand the logic adopted by Nokia...

  • vgaspar
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    Reached out to Nokia Care whether they have an update roadmap transparent to their customers but they claim there is no roadmap, neither they aware the release date of upcoming security patches and MRs.

    Whilst we've been waiting, Android 13 first beta is around... We might get an update finally resolve bugs and hiccups on Android 12 just before the stable release of Android 13 😅

    I need to get away from Nokia, even from Android....

  • abecedario
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    <<I need to get away from Nokia, even from Android....>>


    - get away from Nokia, perhaps, even if after 27 years it would be a painful choice, and the alternatives are the 100% Chinese mobile phones that work this morning and tonight could get stuck both for their quality and for choices made by foreign governments (USA e EU); 🤐

    - get away from Android, no this really no, to then land where? in the Apple world? never! no no and again no! 😆

  • vgaspar
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    Maybe would be a regretted decision but I'm not considering any Chinese brand, been afraid of their support model due to the overwhelmed model offer but Samsung looks very competitive though I hate their Android integration (UX/UI, other sw features).

    Pixel is not available for Hungary and the recent issues keeping me away from Pixel.

    Apple is very expensive for me but on the other hand it provides long term maintenance. Though I'd need to transit to their ecosystem which would require additional expense from me.

    My wife is very happy with her Galaxy A52, it is getting updated regularly with new features and fixes on top of the security patches. Also it is getting earlier than my lean, pure vanilla Android Nokia.

    Certainly I will not make a change now as it is less than a year old...

  • Google Play system update April 01 now available (same old story need to manually check for it)

  • vgaspar
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    Does anyone try Android 13 beta?