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  • Evening all - google play system update installed in background as per normal process (May 01) requires restart to complete.

  • Thanks, I still don't understand why we are not prompted of the update. Because of that, my wife's Galaxy A52 has been on February security level. She does not maintain it that way which is the regular approach by a standard user.

  • Why the release of the regular security patch takes so long? No coding is required I guess just apply what google releases.

    Lately X20 is among the last to receive, usually beyond the actual month.

  • and still no firmware maintenance release released 😑🤔😔 and the maintenace release summary page has not even been updated since April....

  • Let's hope may will pop up with MR.

    Other Nokia devices like G20, XR20 have received MR.

  • Why the **** X20 has been holding back with the monthly security patches?

    Who can I address this?

    Every time I reach out to "Nokia" they know nothing. No schedule, no nothing.

    It is June 10th and no sign of the May security patch.

  • Still on April security patch, no update for 2 months straight.

  • Cela me rassure,

    Je suis donc pas le seul à être encore à la mise à jour du 5 avril .

    C'est quand même pas normal de la part de Nokia qui se base sur la sécurité et le mises à jour dans sa publicité.....

  • It would appear the company is changing their process regarding security patches etc, one of their new models the C21 plus is advertised to receive quarterly updates however the G11 plus is advertised as monthly.

    However the X20 is still advertised as "we offer security updates every month for up to 3 years"

    And the maintenance release page has not been updated since 22nd April :

    It would be nice to receive some answers however as some of you are aware the customer service contact is not functional as they have no idea and cannot answer simple questions other than "copy and paste" the standard statement from a template.

    Personally I am holding on for a short period until I source another company in the hope things will improve (some simple communication from Nokia would suffice for all users) in particularly around the ZERO firmware updates received by the majority since the release of A12 consequently impacting Nokia also by having to send out different versions of security updates (as seen on the maintenance release summary)

  • The lapse in security updates might have something to do with an impending update to Android 13?

    I'm running the beta with June security update.

  • Wishful thinking.... alas always have an open mind!

    To note after my last note the summary page has just been updated.... albeit no good news for x20 owners:

  • So the fact that Google has enabled the Nokia X20 to participate in the beta program is to be looked upon negatively. 13 will be likely going live by August so whoopdeedoo.

  • Regardless they should not neglect/discontinue security patches on the stable release.

    Google will release stable A13 for pixels in August? Should we then expect same month to get for the X20?

  • En tout ça cela confirme l'incompétence des web conseillers car quand j'ai donné ma version de logiciel il m'a dit que j'avais 4 mises à jours de ****.

    Et après 1 heure de manipulation, réinitialisation usine du téléphone ect toujours pas de mise à jour disponibles ( normal vu que la dernière publié date d'avril).

    En fait ils ne savent rien et font perdre notre temps.

  • I think majority of the group does not understand your language, if you could please phrase in English.

  • I switched to the Galaxy A53 5G as my main device, because I gave up on HMD's pathetic behaviour.

    What Samsung does with monthly updates is crazy! It's not just security patches. You get more than 800MB updates that also include software optimizations, camera improvements, and system apps also get updated.

    They are committed to delivering on their promises and I don't really look forward to returning to Nokia in the forthcoming future. I'd rather upgrade to whatever I feel like is good enough for me from the Galaxy product line.

    Also, HMD's TWS earbuds are a joke. The Galaxy Buds 2 gives me ANC and Dolby Atmos. How about that? I bought one of Nokia's earphones before and they don't even include AAC codecs!

    What I want to say with all of this is that the Nokia X20 is expensive compared to what it can do and for the price I expect at least premium software experience. To this day, HMD didn't fix that Bluetooth audio is distorted because it's not normalised, especially through YouTube Music. I reported them right after I upgraded to Android 12 (that's when it happened, it was fine under Android 11), but since then all this phone got was few megabytes security patches. No software updates, NOTHING.

    And get this. All the support person did was copy-pasting some random troubleshooting description that has nothing to do with the actual issue, which is that HMD screwed up the roll-out of Android 12 and the audio stack became garbage. Workaround won't fix it, only they could with patching the issue. Which never happened and I don't count on it at this point.

    This company really sucks. They should be ashamed of destroying a brand with many decades of history.

  • Well all those constant updates you speak of on your Sammy are for all the bloatware they force upon you. I get numerous updates monthly on the apps I choose to install and use from the developers via the Playstore.

    BTW I am on the June security patch on my X20 and just this morning I received the June security update on my 7.2.

  • google play system update installed in background as per normal process (June 01) requires restart to complete.

  • abecedario
    abecedario ✭✭✭

    google system play received a few days ago, while the security patches are still stuck in April... no comment 😑

  • Lawrence JB
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    edited July 2022

    Sad state of affairs. It has always been that their expensive releases mostly gets monthly updates late. So it's not something new.

    Nokia X10 in UAE

  • Both my and my wifes X20 are still on march 5th security patch. I have contacted HMD Nokia many times but they never answer. The chal offers only blabla but no support more that "have you tried to reset your phone?"Any reset causes trouble as apps for e.g. banking need to be re-approved etc.

    I am really fed up with this sh**. HMD does not really expect me to buy this scrap again? Actually this is kind of fraud. I paid for something I do net get and HMD cares about nothing!

    By the way, my Oppo which I use in business is already on June security patch.

  • Help Desk is still unaware of the security patch schedule and keep telling me all the BS to check the forums and the system update under settings....

  • abecedario
    abecedario ✭✭✭

    a few months ago the update was skipped by 2 months, now by 3 months (always if it arrives soon), should I expect a jump of 4 months for the next one? I do not understand the total absence of information provided by HMD...

  • And I think these incremental updates or security patches does not require huge effort to implement. If non-android one OEMs can do so why Nokia can't on a cleaner, stock system?

  • That is how it looks like on 07th of July.

  • Must be some cost saving exercise as I mentioned in a previous post some of the new models are advertised as quarterly updates - however x20 says (and did at the time of purchase) monthly security updates so somewhat in breech of their promises here as very lapsed in time.

    To additionally note my T20 tablet is still on May security update, whilst appreciating a little better than us x20 owners is it still behind .........

    As the customer services contact process is so poor and the slow updating of their maintenance release summary page (all posted before) it would just be nice to receive some form of communication as to what is going on / when to expect etc.....

    And if they actually read their own provided forum pages (which customer services always point the end user to) it would give them some live feedback to current customer issues / expectations!

    Whilst positively it is great the A13 process is underway it will be some time before a stable official release is available. Leaving users at risk with no security updates in the meantime is totally unacceptable based on the promises given at purchase point.