Face unlock

Please update face unlock option...

Face unlock

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Please update face unlock option...


  • There is no face unlock option in indian version of nokia x6 or nokia 6.1 plus. Please give this option to indian users also.
  • Go to Settings>Security & Location> Smart Lock
    Enter your pin/pattern/password
    Click Trusted Face.
    Go through next instructions, then add your face.
    Now you can unlock your device with registered face.
  • This is not face unlock. This is trusted face and can unlock your phone with your photo or in closed eyed condition. Pls add the actual face unlock with next update.
  • I have tried to face unlock my X6/6.1+ for several days to no avail. I didn't try to fix it until today. Tried the settings mentioned above, when I went through Settings>Security & Location> Smart Lock Enter my pattern and nothing there. No list, nothing. When I clicked the menu on the upper right corner it only says "how it works" and "help".

    Can someone please help? This feature is really useful for me and one of the least reason why I chose this phone over other 2 options.

  • Hi, I've posted a reply but I think it went missing.

    So I've noticed for the last few days I could no longer unlock my phone with face ID. Tried to go to the settings but couldn't find anything.

    Settings>Security & Location> Smart Lock Enter pattern -> then nothing on the screen. No list. The only thing I can click there is menu button on the upper left corner which lists "how it works" and "help" - that's it.

    Can someone help? This feature is important for me and one of the reason I chose the phone over other options.

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    I have same problem with @dgf888 ....Nokia team please fix this bug quickly, i really dispointed find this problem.

    Please quick respond... 
  • I am not able to use the face unlock feature in my Nokia 6.1 plus
  • user1540885355893 user1540885355893
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    Yes the same happens for me when I go to the smart unlock it's just blank I can't use my face it. Pls change this bug
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