Nokia 1000 Tough

Keep it tough and some old Nokia design e.g.

Nokia 1000 Tough

rasvoja rasvoja
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  • Keep it tough and some old Nokia design e.g. based on E72 look
  • KaiOS 3.0
  • QWERTY keyboard with dedicated WhatsApp, Messages and Google Assistant keys
  • 1GB RAM and faster single core power efficient CPU
  • Internal storage mem 16-32GB, its cheap
  • 8Mpix camera with flash
  • 4000 Mah Battery because of Wi Fi and bluetooth
  • Larger screen then 320x
  • Better speaker

KaiOS side (compared to basic Nokia 800 Tough 2.x.x):

  • Large fonts option (small font for middle aged and older)
  • Scheduled on/off as power saving advanced option
  • Global cut/copy/paste between aps
  • Better app content sharing
  • Better UI - app look consisency
  • Improved Firefox engine based browser
  • Improved text editor bundled
  • Battery percentage display and better battery tracking
  • Better scrolling - faster (facebook, you tube, browser ...)
  • Other KaiOS 3.x improvements
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF viewers when possible

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