Android 11 on Nokia 1.3

Hello Nokia 1.3 users, Great news for you, the rollout for Android 11 starts now! To provide a smooth rollout, we dispatch the Update in Waves.

Android 11 on Nokia 1.3

dipankar paul dipankar paul
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Hello Nokia 1.3 users,

Great news for you, the rollout for Android 11 starts now!

To provide a smooth rollout, we dispatch the Update in Waves.

Wave 1 includes Australia.

100% of the rollout is expected to be completed by July 24.

Wave 2 will include the remaining markets.

You can check out our FAQ on Waves and approved Markets -here-

Stay tuned for an announcement on when Wave 2 of the update begins to roll out!



  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Good stuff. However, it is quite amusing to see it going live in only one market that too the one that usually isn't one among the first to receive it.

    Here's hoping for a faster expansion to other regions 👍

  • Appu Mali Appu Mali
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    @dipankar paul sir when Nokia 5.4 & 5.3 are getting android 11 update, Theses phones already crossed the roadmap timeline

  • danilabagroff danilabagroff
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    Hello, @dipankar paul! Looking forward for an update but cannot wait and very curious about architecture. Is upcoming release based on android 11 still armv7a? If yes, could you explain the reason for building 32bit OS version in 2021?

  • fellini fellini
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    Hi, @dipankar paul. Fully agree with the last comment - I was very upset when I found out (after buying the device) that the phone has a 32-bit version of the operating system installed, which does not allow you to use all the hardware capabilities of the device... This is very sad! I hope the new release (Android 11) will support the 64-bit address space, which I miss so much.

  • singsongfun singsongfun
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  • mistercovert mistercovert
    ✭✭  /  edited August 11

    Good news Wave 2 of the rollout has started, I have got the Android 11 in the UK this evening, 1.2GB download and install pretty quicklyed. When anyone works out how to do a screenshot on the new update, please let me know.

  • mistercovert mistercovert
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    I have sorted out the screenshot function, after a couple of days use everything seems to be pretty good. My Huawei bluetooth earbuds have connected with no issues and all is good. Battery usage seems quite low and the phone seems a bit quicker than when using Android 10 Go.

  • Keith Keith
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    Yes Android 11 Go is now available in the UK. Sadly no improvement to the phone. No widgets still allowed or extra home pages using stock launcher. Also no gesture navigation. I thought these items were promised with the update. Only difference I can see is the background app carousel being no longer a list.

  • mistercovert mistercovert
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    Well today, just for the **** of it, I thought I would do a full reset of my Nokia 1.3 and re-install all my apps to see if it improved perfomance on my phone that was upgraded from Android 10. I can report back the phone will now answer calls from Whatsapp in 2 rings and on normal GSM phone calls within 3 rings so a major improvement over Android 10 performance. Battery performance seems decent, and looks to be good for 2 days of low usage.

  • Zathan Zathan
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    I did not perform a reset but I can confirm that performance has massively improved, from totally unusable, to more than usable, I hope this is maintained for the Android 12 Go edition upgrade!

  • Catbot Catbot
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    So ... I was wondering ... where is the rollout for everyone outside of Australia?

    I am located in Germany, and haven't received the android 11 update yet.

    Still running security patch june 5. - which is kind of old now.

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