Please does Nokia G20 needs antivirus or it is inbuilt.


  • singhnsk
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    You do not need an anti-virus on your Android smartphone. Just avoid installing apps from untrusted sources and your phone will face no issues.

  • For the most part, although like the Apple app store there are a lot of dodgy apps on there. Google just removed another batch. I wouldn't bother with an on - demand scanner, but a scan occasionally with a trusted scanner like Avast, AVG, But defender, Antivir, ESET, Norton, or Malwarebytes doesn't hurt. Just don't bother with on - demand stuff.

  • Not quite sure what Nokia gonna do about lately mentioned MediaTek Virus Vulnerability from last few days? It's a fresh news and I'd like to know when to expect update with 'fix for these vulnerabilities'? And is Nokia G20 having one of these CPU? Lot of phones have this issue, I'd like to know if some of Nokia phones are affected by it? When will be the update? I've heard that MediaTek already prepared update.

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    I have a 9.99 Euro/year subscription to ESET for Android, unlimited number of devices, share it with my family.

    I also have 20 licenses for F-Secure (called Safe Online) for using my internet provider together with its partner mobile telephony provider.

    So I use both, plus gratis Bitdefender and Kaspersky.

    No, this isn't paranoia: I prefer to be spied by antivirus companies rather than by script-kiddies.