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First of all, I would like to thanks Nokia for giving us a new and different option and has given another option for the X20 buyers.

[#Campfire] Feedback Friday #6: Nokia XR20 - How did we do?


  • Roobaroo Roobaroo
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    Other – you tell us

    For me, the Nokia XR20 stands somewhere between the first two options, i.e., between “Nailed it” and “It’s okay.”

    First of all, I appreciate that the phone brings a fresh approach to the rugged phone category. With its non-chaotic design, the XR20 kind of breaks the stereotype about ruggedized smartphones. On the other hand, the Nokia XR20 may not become the preferred option for enterprise entities looking for cost-efficiency. Nevertheless, it is one of the best rugged smartphones in the consumer market. Not only the toughness, but the phone also covers most of the aspects that a consumer would ever want from a smartphone in terms of longevity or a fruitful experience. Some of the surprising inclusions are the wireless charging, support for wet hands, and gloves touch. Also, NavIC (India) and QZSS (Japan) positioning systems are still a rarity in phones, but I am happy to see them in the XR20.

    With that said, I do see a few aspects/specifications that could have been better than what the company is offering. Given its price tag, the smartphone should have come with more amount of storage. Even higher resolution front and rear cameras and maybe a processor supporting 4K recording could have easily fit in the budget. Apart from that, the position of the programmable button is not pleasing. With such large dimensions, I do not think that it will be easier to get your finger on the button that easily. That’s it, no more nitpicking 😅

    I would also like to add that the back of the retail box shows a picture of a Nokia-branded lanyard. Well, it would have been a great value addition if it came in the box beforehand, but I understand that it might have been a cause of wastage of resources or space in the box since most people will end up not using it. However, now that I can already see the phone in the hands of buyers, it will be better if the lanyard is made available immediately and not after a month or two. Oh, and also, maybe this is the right time to promote the wireless chargers that came with the Nokia 9 PureView, or do we have new wireless chargers coming soon?

    Hopefully, THE THING will receive stable OS upgrades and timely security updates. Four years of SPs are something that we will see for the first time in a Nokia phone, so that is interesting, but we will see how it goes.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Nailed it – it’s exactly what a Nokia phone should be and I love it

    Nailed It with this one. The dart has perfectly hit the center.

    There are many reasons I love this phone. It is a well-balanced device and we can call it an all-rounder. The processor is powerful enough and not weak like many are assuming and this phone will be a useable phone for most consumers in general, it has a good set of useful cameras and stays away from gimmicks, keeps all necessary buttons and ports, and also adds wireless charging and dual stereo speakers which are a good feature additions.

    The phone comes in a rugged form factor and still comes in a beautiful design that has the potential to attract even the buyers who may stay away from rugged phones due to their bulky form and ugly designs. Nokia XR20 takes the rugged phones in a new direction in terms of design and added features. The best part is being able to use it without a case. Even the images amd videos of the phone give a feeling of sturdy and comfortable phone. 😁

    Nokia Mobile launched a phone after a very long time that has been able to grab the attention of a lot of people. The phone stays true to Nokia qualities of design, craftsmanship and sturdy build quality. All in all, Nokia XR20 could be a good choice for those who like to keep their phones for longer as it comes with longer sofwater support as well as a longer warranty which I i don't see any other brand currently offering.

    All those who think this is an overpriced phone, need to understand what this phone is. Simply, judging the price of a phone based on the processor that's inside is incorrect as there are many other aspects that add value to the product. Nokia XR20 is an amazing Nokia Mobile phone that's launched in a while and I really appreciate that Nokia Mobile launched it.

  • krishnasnapshots krishnasnapshots
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    Other – you tell us

    Whenever a product is launched, the price tag of it do matters not to rich but to every one in general. If not then, why everyone, even if wants to but can't buy 9 Preview, 12 Pro Max, S21 Ultra, 5XL or any other highly priced high-end devices?!

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Nailed it – it’s exactly what a Nokia phone should be and I love it

    It is simple - not everything is for everyone. If we say that Nokia should only make lower-priced phones, then we can never expect to have some special qualities.

    There are phones starting from the ultra-affordable C series to the X and hopefully, more to come. People buy what fits their needs and pocket allowance. And if a company makes something that doesn't fit their budget, the products don't become overpriced, just unaffordable :)

    In all honestly, I think Nokia X20 is the one where the prices can be called a bit on the higher side because the smartphone doesn't have many extraordinary qualities viz the competition.

  • praveenp praveenp
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    Nailed it – it’s exactly what a Nokia phone should be and I love it

    So... I have been reading and researching quite a lot about the Nokia XR20 on various blogs and videos in the past few days... And the one thing that I found is that almost everybody is impressed with the device. And yes... Me too.

    Coming to the design at first... In the images, the device doesn't looks much appealing. But after watching several videos, the real world appearance is much more attractive and aesthetic. The finish is premium and eye-catching. The looks are surely premium and rugged at the same time (definitely a rare combination).

    The display is very good, though any x-LED display would have been a better choice instead of an IPS LCD, giving it a more premium look.

    Talking about the thing which a person like me who has an interest in photography looks for... The Camera.

    I have never been a fan of gimmicks of useless cameras (macro, depth, etc etc). Until and unless, the camera is useful (like a telephoto, monochrome, wide angle), the brands must refrain from adding any bulk to the module and focus more on improving the primary camera. And thankfully, HMD just gave 2 Zeiss cameras which are the most useful ones and do make sense to a normal user... The Primary and the Ultra-Wide... Honestly, I would any day prefer just these two cameras on any smartphone. Adding the SpeedWarp Mode has definitely improved the camera performance of a phone which itself is made for adventures. And as always, Ozo Audio has been a life-saver for all Nokia users when capturing videos.

    The camera samples in review videos looked impressive and the color reproduction is next to real world.

    The camera app has really good options to play with (don't know whether the XR20 is the first with this new app or other phones too have this, but I liked the app, better than the ones on older phones).

    So, a big thumbs-up to the camera features available on XR20.

    The processor, Snapdragon 480 5G, has a decent score on various benchmark testing platforms, and for sure, it would be a good one as a daily driver as Nokia has no useless bloatware to consume unnecessary power.

    The additional features of SOS, which includes the dedicated SOS button and the SOS Flash mode, is something very unique in itself. I remember that the Indian govt. too asked the smartphone manufacturers a couple of years back to include SOS in their phones (however, which no brand did).

    Now the prime focus area of the XR20... It's rugged military-grade built and durability. I watched a few videos of Youtubers who tested the device for the claims made in the advertisement... And everyone gave a big thumbs up to the durability of the smartphone.

    And yesss... As I had said in one of the previous Campfire questions... Software is something that needs to be up-to-date... And the Nokia XR20 is a perfect blend of longevity and durability on both Software and Hardware aspects.

    Overall, I really liked this new approach of HMD Global and Nokia to go for a rugged smartphone after launching the Nokia 800. Even though the market of this phone might be limited to a few people, but those few are those who are definitely enthusiastic about using their smartphones to it's extreme. And of course, experiments are 'must' to bring out something new.

    However, the pricing might seem to be a bit on the higher side in the Indian market, as people generally assess the price based on processor and other stuff. But I feel the price is pretty much justified (though in the global market), but wish to be a bit less if this phones gets launched in India anytime soon (I still can't understand HMD's philosophy of not bringing some iconic Nokia phones launched in recent times to India and limiting them to just a few markets). India is a good market for smartphones due to the boom in the electronic products, and people do prefer to try new things like a rugged smartphone.

  • krishnasnapshots krishnasnapshots
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    Other – you tell us

    Exactly, this is what I want to convey about XR20 throughout the thread.

  • Rajath S Shetty Rajath S Shetty
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    Nailed it – it’s exactly what a Nokia phone should be and I love it

    Nailed it.

    We all know what the good old Nokia stands for. Strength and durability. With this new launch video, Nokia is emphasizing just that.

    Bonus: Here's a meme.

  • Shaun McKenzie Shaun McKenzie
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    Nailed it – it’s exactly what a Nokia phone should be and I love it

    I decided to buy the XR20 after owning Samsung phones since the S5. I was worried I would be unimpressed with the display and processor speed. Both are absolutely fine and you don't need anything better right now. All the flagship phones are so fragile that you need a full coverage case to protect them which defeats the purpose of having aluminum chassis and glass backs etc. I think a good looking tough phone like the XR20 is the best thing to happen in the industry for 20 years!

  • Sisu Matt Sisu Matt
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    It's okay – a good step in the right direction, could be better

    Certainly a massive step in the right direction delivering on the essence of the brand!

    Unfortunately, the device is also massive. Need to make a model with a smaller screen. A male friend using a Galaxy thinks it's too big let alone female friends who'll never go near it because of the size.

    Also need a model with a better spec screen, camera, and processor. It's low end for the UK so people not put off by the size are still not interested.

    An extra shame that in the UK the only viable option (8GB, 128GB) is limited to black/grey instead of the signature blue model! You'd think it might be the other way round or like in other European markets where they offer the choice?!

  • rohitkrme rohitkrme
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    Nailed it – it’s exactly what a Nokia phone should be and I love it

    I think Nokia Mobile nailed it with this one. 🏹🎯

    It captures the soul and legacy of Nokia phones and what a Nokia phone means to the consumers. 💗

    It highlights Nokia's biggest strength, it's DURABILITY being a rugged phone.🔨

    Durability and strength are the two key factors with which the 💙 NOKIA 💙 brand is synonymous and associated by consumers for decades and this phone nails it on those two fronts having MIL-STD-810H military standard and IP68 certifications for durability and the build quality of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus for strength.

    It feels one of a kind with its unique design as well compared to other Nokia phones released earlier. ❇✨💫🌟

    Love the rugged design and build quality and the material used to make the phone.

    This phone is artistically created and has military strength to ensure that beauty does indeed meet brawn. 🌹

    Great to see a rugged smartphone running Android from a well known brand like 💙 NOKIA 💙 after a long time. 📱⚒

    Feels like this phone is a successor of the Nokia 3310 family and carrying forward the legacy of the nostalgic beast. 🕳️🐍🕳️

    Processor is also more than sufficient for this phone being a rugged flagship phone though that aspect can be worked upon and improved in future phones to attract more customers.

    Also, happy to see 3 years of warranty and Android OS updates along with 4 years of security updates with this device and new camera features such as SpeedWarp. Hoping to see some of these increased perks on other Nokia devices in the future as well. 😊

    And, love the fact that Nokia Mobile actually cares about the environment because the chance to plant 50 trees is given whenever someone buys a Nokia XR20. I'm very impressed by your efforts compared to other companies in the visibility of these things. 🌲

    But will also appreciate more if you do provide the charging brick in the box for those who wish to have one by making it optional because all chargers don't have the same configuration and compatibility and customers may not always have the required charger already with them.

    Overall, this phone is gorgeous, rugged, a beauty and the beast. ✨

    Feels like a real Nokia phone after a long time for me, maybe after the Nokia 9 Pureview. So, you guys did great on this one and I'm expecting that more amazing phones to bloooooow me away are on the way, so that I love them, trust them and keep them. ✌️

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