Why this phone is bad and some ways to avoid the badness.

In lieu of finding an actual way to report bugs and other general awfulness, I'll put this info here in case it lands in front of someone who can actually do anything to make these improvements.

Why this phone is bad and some ways to avoid the badness.

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In lieu of finding an actual way to report bugs and other general awfulness, I'll put this info here in case it lands in front of someone who can actually do anything to make these improvements.

I would not recommend anyone purchase this phone and here's why (I'll include workarounds where I can):

1.  Call volume is too low.  Even at max volume, it's nearly useless. With any background noise I can't hear anything.  This makes this phone useless as a phone.  It's a known issue.  I see all the forum posts about going back to the Nokia 6.  It needs to be fixed.  I don't need a 5.5 inch tablet, I need a phone.  As it stands, this is not useful as a phone.  Please fix.  

Workaround:  There really isn't any.  I use google voice and I could just switch to using the hangouts dialer where the call audio is actually usable, but then I'm dependent on only data or wifi which in my experience, has been less reliable.  This also isn't useful to anyone outside of the US.  There's no root solution because there's no bootloader unlock.

2.  Performance.  People may chalk up the laggy performance as a limitation of the SD630.  This isn't the case.  It's largely related the way ram is used on this device.  Half of it is dedicated as swap (think constant zip/unzip process running in the background to cram more stuff into ram).  Sounds useful, but it leads to performance degradation as uptime increases.  This is why you experience a janky UI and the camera locks up.  Zram is NOT useful on devices with more than 1gb of ram.

Workaround:  Reboot regularly! At least daily and you can avoid a lot of this issue.  There is a root solution (swap torpedo magisk module - you can read more about why zram is bad in the module's thread on XDA), but that's useless to us because there is no bootloader unlock.

3.  Boot sound.  I've already purchased your phone, stop forcing me to listen to your Nokia jingle every time I have to reboot (see #2).  Please add a toggle for boot sounds that is not dependent on my ringtone volume.

Workaround:  Boot sound is tied to ring volume.  Turning off the ringer turns off the boot sound which if you forget to turn it back on when you need it, makes it even less useful as an actual phone (see #1).  This could easily be fixed with root, but again, no bootloader unlock available because hundreds of signatures on a petition isn't enough apparently.

4.  Accessories:  There are literally no good accessories for this phone.  Getting a case that isn't junk is impossible.  I know, the build quality is fantastic, but I still want a case that doesn't feel like an afterthought from a factory in Shenzhen that had leftover materials to use up.  Same thing with screen protectors.  The only real option for screen protectors is the garbage plastic you apply wet so it contours to the screen.

In conclusion:  I feel like I'm beta testing a phone with no one to report bugs to.  I want to like this phone.  I really, really do. In fact, it's really close to perfect for what it is, but the things that are wrong, really leave you wanting a new phone (if you go this route, avoid Samsung and Huawei, they're also very guilty of #2).


  •  And you left out:

    5. WiFi disconnection. Serious problem with no effective work around. Many complaints but silence from Nokia so far.

  • Ask for a nokia phone that has touch screen latency as well as how many fps
  • @MyNukia does restarting help? I haven't seen that issue and it wouldn't shock me to see that it's also related to point #2.

    Also, I'd like to point out that most of the issues I've identified could literally be fixed in about 5 minutes plus the time it takes to compile the update.

    1. Delete the boot sound if a toggle would take too long to make.
    2. Increase the volume in the configs.
    3. Literally a "#" on one line would eliminate swap entirely and fix most of the lag and camera issues in one keystroke.

    Do those three things and this phone is nearly perfect.
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    Which model you have , asking the original poster?
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    Think I should say, variant
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    TA-1045. US variant with 3gb of ram. The 4gb variant may fare better before it becomes a laggy mess if they didn't bump the swap to 2gb and kept it the same as the 3gb at 1.5gb. other than that, these issues are probably prevalant across all of the 6.1s.
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    Indeed, the NOKIA boot up sound / jingle has to go.  This part must have been designed by a childish mind.  Interferes when rebooting in court, police station, library, quiet section in a train/plane/conference or meeting.

    From the above list, we can clearly see the Nokia's that JINGLE are toys, and not meant for people that work, professionals,  or administrators.

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