System UI navigation lags

The system navigation is laggy. I hope you can fix this with OTA software update.

System UI navigation lags

The system navigation is laggy. I hope you can fix this with OTA software update.


  • This is also happen to my Nokia G20

    I use it for 3 weeks & the performance is so slow compare to Nokia 5.1 plus

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    We cannot expect any thing good from this entry level processor.

    There's nothing HMD can do, Even they couldn't fix the Google play system update error from the last two months.

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    I have been using nova launcher and do not see any issues with the UI performance.

  • The 5.1 Plus uses the Mediatek P60 processor, with 4xA73 cores (big performance cores) and 4xA53 cores (less powerful but battery friendlier cores), both at 1.8 GHz. Phone has 3 GB of RAM.

    The G20 is based on Mediatek G35, and has has 8xA53 cores, with [email protected] GHz and [email protected] GHz. It could do with some software tuning and I dislike they're using 4.19 kernel rather than the later Android 11 launch kernel 5.4 series.

    The Mediatek G70 would have been good and a little better than the one in the 5.1 Plus. It's effectively its replacement. The Mediatek G80 would have been even better, but that would have made the phone a little more expensive. I think if you don't take extra profit over the extra cost of the faster chip it would have made a much better value proposition. Maybe keep the Mediatek G35 for the Nokia G10 instead of the Mediatek G25 it uses.

    It really would have made the phone more attractive, along with faster charging. What's worst is they probably will release a phone later with the G70 or G80 when they too are outdated.

    I really hope they can move on to ARMv9 processors as soon as possible.

  • Hi it looks like I can't start a discussion not sure why

    anyway I have a question

    Does G20 support adoptable storage?


  • The system UI must be changed or must be upgraded, is not friendly at all. You have download a luncher you can enjoy the phone and there is no option that will allow you to open two apps at the same time.

    Nokia has been in the system for this long but you don't see any innovation in their UI.

    even the recent phone companies are making their phones friendly.

    Please bring an update of the system UI with the android 12 .

  • Nokia G10 and Nokia G20, one of the pricey and mediocre devices ever released by HMD/ Nokia.

  • Hi it looks like I can't start a thread I am a Dev when is Nokia going to unlock the bootloader for g20 I don't want to brick my phone

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