Nokia 8.3 has problems with Google Photo app?

Hi everyone,

Somebody's owning the Nokia 8.3 is having constant problems with the Google Photo app?

I'm experiencing the photo backup always stucked. Furthermore, when trying to upload/download photos or leave comments in shared albums I get eternally stucked in the "loading" message.

Of course, the app is to the last version. By the way, I already did all the Google community suggestions about this matter (clear cache, reset app and so on...). No way.



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  • unnbe
    unnbe ✭✭
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    I reset my phone and the app resumed to work fine. Hope this won't happen again: an hard reset because of a single app is shameful.........

    I already use OneDrive to back up my photos. But Google Photo is convenient to me, to share photos with my contacts, because almost everyone has an Android smartphone and Google Photo to manage their shots.