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I see so many posts about getting stuck on the AndroidOne logo going back to last year & earlier for all types of Nokia phones. It just happened to me this week. I brought it to a local repair shop but I'm not optimistic he can fix it. He researched & thought it was a firmware problem but doesn't have much time to look further. Truthfully, I think he doesn't want to deal with it. I have Nokia 2.2 so not an expensive phone but I would like it back as I wasn't the best about backing it up & don't want to lose data.

There are apparently no Nokia support centers in the US so the support person in chat gave me the info about sending it to Nokia. Is it even worth doing that? Or is this hopeless? Just wondering if anyone has been able to get this resolved either on their own or by sending it to Nokia & what was the cost?

Thanks for any experiences you can share.


  • I had the same issue on my Nokia 6.2 three weeks ago. The phone was running without problems but then it shuts down and tried to restart.Only the Android one logo came up and then it stopped booting. Tried everything like factory reset and recovery mode but nothing helped.

    Online support chat mentioned the phone is still in warranty time and I can sent it to the Nokia repair center. Two four days after arriving at the repair center I got an email which says the warranty is not valid because something technical is broken. In the report they only mention: 6302-Mechanical parts are broken, deformed or loose. They will repair the phone when I pay 73,34 €. I tried to figure out what is broken or damaged, but the online chat can´t help me. I wrote an email to Nokia but have no answer yet. Nobody ca say what they will repair and how it depends with the boot problem.

    Finally I´m very unsatisfied with Nokia and the Nokia support.

  • That's terrible, Jorg, especially when it's under warranty. Plus it's hard to spend the money to fix it when they're not providing details of what's actually wrong. My phone isn't under warranty so I think I'll just give up on it. Already bought a new phone (not Nokia). Good luck - I hope you can get your phone fixed!

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    Hi @Marge B, I believe your issue is just a software one and if Nokia flashes the most current OS build, it can be booted up without losing your userdata. However, I am not sure if hmd's support team will do that or instead try to extort money from you.

  • Thanks, Singhnsk. I am curious so will probably send it in to see what they will do. If it's too expensive, I will just decline the work.

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  • as far as Nokia 2.2 and you have it as well, no need to SW upgrade it but break FRP and installed factory setting in it from service center, surely data will be lost as any small SW related activity resulted data lost due to its standard security concerns. again google ID login data will be recover.

    *this unit will take more time to bootup no need to worry regarding stuck at android one logo.